Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Attention to 4th & 3rd year students of CTS...

Attention to 4th & 3rd year students of CTS...

If you are interested to join us for the trip to Ministry of Finance and Department of Statistics in Putrajaya, please visit our booth for registration.

Venue of registration: CTS Lounge
Date : 23th to 26th of February 2009 (Monday to Thursday)
Time : 10.30am-11.30am and 2.00pm-3.00pm

Seats are very limited.. Come on..Hurry up!!Register your name as early as you can.. =)
Any inquiries and questions about this programme, please ask during the registration.

Thank you very much.. =)

-program under TnC Bureau.

Thursday, February 19, 2009



We, the blog team wanna wish everyone luck on their mid sem exam.

Study smart, don't study hard.

Remember Him, He will remember you.

So, Gambatte Kudasai!!!!!

Kos Amazing EXplorace: The Result

Sorry for the late update.

Yup, we already know the winner.

3rd place : Nabil Abbas's group
2nd place: Bad's Group


1st place: Zack's group.

There were also the special awards, best picture award goes to first year group(sorry guys, I can't remember your name, sumimasen...), mystery award, Hanan's group and most hilarious, Safwan's group.

"these were 'cilok' from szakif's blog"

These are the tasks that they need to complete in order to win the prizes. Believe me, we don't let them to win RM500 just like that. Extra efforts are essential. What you are about to read below aren't as easy as reading it through. Hehe...

Tasks 1: Taman Pertanian Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah
  1. Find ostrich. They were only given its scientific name: Struthio camelus.
  2. Find "Meranti". They might be confused; is it a name for a tree, or a camp?
Task 2: Teluk Cempedak
  1. Buy RM5 batik drawing.
  2. Paint the batik. The challenge was that some groups that came late to the checkpoint needed to wait because there were limited number of paints and the paintings themselves.
Task 3: Taman Teruntum Mini Zoo
  1. Find 5 species of animals based on their scientific name. They needed to take pictures with the animals. Mind you, although it was a mini zoo, it's still hard to find each of them.
  2. Find the foe of the crocodile. It's actually kancil. They might be confused between kancil and deer.
  3. Ride a pony 2 rounds. It's a very easy task. Hehe...
Task 4: Tanjung Lumpur
  1. Find 3 ikan bakar restaurants.
  2. Find Mak Cik Wok and Pak Cik Husin's keropok lekor stall and buy RM1 of the food. The stall has no signboard so the participants had to ask the villagers.
Task 5: KAMDAR
  1. Dress a dummy using the provided textiles.
  2. Find the exact textile in the shop. Can you imagine, how tough it is to find it in a shop full with thousands of textile designs?
Task 6: Padang MPK2 in front of Masjid Sultan Ahmad Shah
  1. Find one person among the public and ask him/her to sing Pahang state anthem.
  2. Sing along with him/her.
  3. Prepare a kite and fly it at the field. They were provided with anything thus they need to buy the equipments on the spot.
Task 7: Gua Charas
  1. Find few things like dinasour, cobra, Sleeping Buddha, lady looking into a mirror, elephant, monkey, fish etc. The challenge was that, they needed to climb to enter the cave. The things in search were scattered every where inside and outside the cave and they were not easily found.
  2. Count the number of steppings leading up and leading down to the cave. The challenge was that, the steppings were unorganized with different sizes and height. The answers are: leading up: 130 and leading down: 150.
Task 8: Sungai Pandan waterfall, Panching
  1. Find a "broken" pitcher plant (periuk kera). It is actually not the plants, but a slightly broken signboard. They need to act like a monkey in front of it.
  2. Act like a TV commersial: the fisherman and the fish inside the river.
  3. Light a bonfire.
Task 9: Benteng
  1. Unlike other checkpoints, they were only given the clue "Kuantan". What they need to find was huge alphabets of KUANTAN at Benteng.
the pictures will be put on later....

Friday, February 13, 2009



Tomorrow, KOS first ever Explorace will be held.

So, We the blog team would like to wish everyone luck in their journey.

Don't rush, rushing can kill you.

Don't forget to wear your seatbelt. This goes for everyone. Don't want to? Just have RM300 in your pocket ready.

Jgn lupa baca doa naik kenderaan.

Lastly, May the best team win!!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

KOS Amazing Explorace

Those who read this blog might have some idea that I love traveling and I have traveled a lot around Kuantan area. In fact, I have gone to some places few times by bringing friends of mine who visited the places.

Due to that, I was thinking of conducting an Explorace-like programme because I think there a lot of great places around Kuantan that people might not know. I forwarded my suggestion to Mujahid, the HeadComm of Sports and Recreation Bureau of SCIENCESS and I ended being selected to be the Programme Manager for the game.

Since I have reasonable capacities for that reason, I accepted the job. So people, I would like to attract your participation by these particulars. Pay attention!

  • No fees at all!
  • Petrol subsidy worth RM10
  • Breakfast and lunch provided
  • Prizes worth RM500, RM350 and RM200
  • Certificates provided for all participants
  • Having fun around Kuantan while racing
  • Being challenged with tasks that aim basically to promote recreational places around Kuantan area

Other particulars about the programme:
  • Race on 14th February 2009 (Saturday, 8AM - 5PM) and Prize Giving Ceremony on 16th February 2009 (Monday, 12PM - 1.15PM)
  • 20 groups of 5 members each
  • Must drive car during the race
  • Must bring camera (digicam or handycam)
  • Students and staffs of Kulliyyah of Science (KOS)

Don't hesitate and wait. Contact Bro. Fadil 0122089244 or Sr. Sulha 0139753253.