Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Motivational Talk Semester I 2007/2008

29th July, 0740 hours. I receive a text message from my boss, asking me to join him at Sciencess’ “Motivational Talk” program. Being my usual lazy self, I ignored it and went back to sleep (it was a Sunday mind you). However, being my also responsible self, I couldn’t help but feel like I would let him down if I rejected his invitation, so I decided to get up, take a quick shower and head to our KOS. The fact that there was free nasi lemak also added some extra incentive for me by the way =p

The 1st speaker was one of our own, Sis. Lina Diyana Mohd. Jamal, a final year student from the Department of CTS. Her talk was entitled “The Secret Recipe of an Exceptional Student”. Quite frankly, she was a perfect choice to present such a topic. With 7 straight Dean’s List awards in her course, not to mention having obtained a 4.0 GPA for 2 of her semesters, and to add to that, a healthy interest in debate and taekwondo, she really does seem like an “Exceptional Student”, don’t you think so? Moving on, her recipe for success contains 5 “ingredients” if you like. The 1st being a goal. Without a goal, you would have no direction in your pursuit of knowledge. Her advice in this aspect is to believe in yourself, if you think you can, you can, if you think you can’t, you can’t. The next ingredient is simple enough, study. Take notes of what to study, which means pay attention in class to what your lecturers emphasizes on and what they don’t. Find a suitable time to study (varies between individuals), and develop a way to study that suits you (again, varies between individuals). The next is a problem for many of us, time management. Luckily though, the 3rd speaker of the day presented on this topic, as I will report on shortly. Lastly, Duaa’ and blessings from our lecturers can be a huge help in our search for academic success.

The 2nd speaker of the day was Y. Bhg. Prof. Dato’ Dr. Md. Tahir Azhar, the dean of the Kulliyyah of Medicine. His talk was entitled “The Importance of Students’ Appearance and Grooming”. Basically his main point, and advice to students was to dress appropriately for every occasion. Classes, lectures, talks, seminars and the likes, require a formal, somewhat professional attire. I got the vibe that he wanted us to know that how we dress reflects our personality to a certain extent. It could be true for all we know.

Lastly, Kapten Hafiz Firdaus bin Abdullah presented his talk “Wal-Asr: Pengurusan Masa Dalam Islam”. It was in Malay by the way. He provided handouts for students, outlining the main points of his talk. Similar to Sis Lina, he set out 5 points for his topic, time management. The 1st is to realize that time is unchangeable. 60 seconds will always be one minute, 60mins is 1 hour, and 24 hours make a day etc. After making this realization, we need to then realize that instead of doing too much, and thus limiting the amount of “free” time we actually have, it would be wiser to do less, excel in those, and not have to worry about time management. The next point is to stay focused and prioritized. Make more time for the more important aspects of your life, and less for the less important. Step 3 is to again realize that time waits for no man. Basically the gist of this point is, don’t procrastinate. The 4th step is to be creative and resourceful, and make your own time. Take note of your daily activities that could be better spent, and make that time more productive. Lastly, find the blessings of Allah S.W.T in time. Time may be an unchangeable entity of the universe, and may not wait for any man, but if we are able to find the value of time and appreciate it as muslims, insyaAllah we will be granted with more time for our worldly and spiritual endevours.

Last word from me, don’t ever think that we don’t need motivation, or that these kinds of events would be pointless and meaningless to us. No matter how old we are, no matter how high our CGPA, we can always learn something new everyday. Something which I myself only learned recently.

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Tuesday, July 24, 2007


On 21st July 2007, Islamic Affairs Bureau (IAB) of SCIENCESS organized Solat Awareness and Muhasabah Course. The program was held in the Auditorium, Kulliyyah of Medicine. The objectives of the program is to produce intellectuals and professionals that posses the values of taqwa and ‘adab. Besides that, it was also to promote love inside the heart of every Muslim towards Rasullulah (p.b.u.h.). The program was conducted by Ustaz Haji Zaharuddin b. Haji Abdul Rahman.

The program started at 8.30am with opening speech by Deputy Dean of Student Affairs Kulliyyah of Science; Assoc. Prof. Dr. Amad @ Ahmad Aman. For the first and second sessions of the program, the speaker talked about proper way of performing ablution and solah according to sunnah. For the third session, he talked about the way to get khusyu’ in solah.

Overall of the program, it gave a big impact to all participants especially during the third session when the speaker played the video of ‘sakaratul maut’. The video showed the stage performance on ‘sakaratul maut’. All the participants were touched after watching the video. From the program also, it made us realized that there were so many acts that we had done which were against syariah. The participants of the program were not only from IIUM students, but they were also from ‘Kolej Kejururawatan HTAA’ and University Malaysia Pahang. At the end of the program, all the participants got all the inputs in performing ibadah with a better grasp of understanding.

Friday, July 20, 2007


An acronym for Gathering of Science Students, it was organized by Public Relation (PR) Bureau. This programme aimed to introduce the new students of the intake July 2007/2008 to SCIENCESS. The Dean, Deputy Deans, Head of Departments and many other VIPs were present that night.

During the gathering, the students were showed by a creative video presenting the line of SCIENCESS Exco members. Then the Excos were invited on-stage to introduce themselves to the juniors and briefly describe their respective bureaus and the jobscopes.

After that, there was a performance by the seniors, singing 2 songs in which the improvised lyrics gave advises to the juniors to study hard and to love their new atmosphere here in Kuantan campus as students of KOS.

The climax for the night was sharing moment slot between the seniors and juniors. They were divided into respective departments and then it was where the seniors shared their experience throughout the life as KOS students. The juniors who were still blur about their prospect as KOS students at least have had a better idea about their future 4 years after the slot ended.

The VIPs

The Lines of SCIENCESS Exco members.

Performance by Seniors.

The entertained juniors.

SCIENCESS’s Operating Room (OR)

At last we have got our own OR! It’s at the second floor of the north wing of Admin building of KOS. Previously, we have no common room for SCIENCESS Exco members to do meetings and preparations for programmes. So, with this room, we have the center for those activities.

It was last Wednesday when we tidied things up and arranged the room with sofas and tables. Most of SCIENCESS Exco members were present that day while the rest had class to attend. Still there are many plans yet to be finished from time to time like installing boards, pantry and others.


Biomedical Course Option

Date: 17 July 2007
Venue: Main Auditorium, Kulliyyah of Science.
Participants: Students from Biomedical Science Department.

This briefing was conducted by Dr. Mohammad Tariqur Rahman to introduce the idea to offer all core course subjects for Biomedical Science program of Kulliyyah of Science in the future. Currently, the system implemented does not offer all subject so students have to follow the study plan with limited choice of courses offered in a particular semester.

Consequently, few problems arise. For example, students who fail pre-requisite subject (e.g. Physiology I) can still register for higher level subject (e.g. Physiology II) in which this does make sense. Besides that, for clever students, they have no choice other than to finish the four-year program although they are capable to finish it earlier.

The new but not-yet-approved system introduced by 4 lecturers from the department of Biomedical Science; Dr. Mohammad Tariqur Rahman, Sister Zaitunnatakhin Zamli, Sister Intan Azura Shahadan and Madam Athirah Baina Raidah Sanusi aims to abolish such problems in which in a semester, all subjects are offered. However, students still need to follow a plan of courses which is more systematic than the one implemented presently.

With the move to Kuantan campus, there is no problem to implement this new system (when it is approved later) as the kulliyyah has large number of classes and laboratories that can accommodate the increasing number of students.

Therefore, with this briefing session, students of the department were introduced to this new system and to share their views and to detect any flaws that may arise.

Monday, July 16, 2007


The Information and Communication (INC) Bureau of SCIENCESS has decided to change the blog address from the old one (http://sciencess-iium.blogspot.com) to this new one. This one is much simpler and easily remembered by students.

Besides that, the template has been changed to a fresher and more eye-catching one to attract students to visit here more frequently as a medium of communication between KOS students and SCIENCESS.

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