Thursday, December 20, 2007

Gathering of Science Students VI

New semester, new faces, and new friends. That just about sums up what GASS is all about. Last Thursday, the Kulliyyah of Science celebrated its newest batch of students with the hosting of the 6th Gathering of Sciences Students. New and old students alike garbed in blue and purple flocked the Main Auditorium to celebrate the induction of KOS’s freshmen.

The ceremony started at 8:20 P.M. with the arrival of the Deputy Dean of Student Affairs, Dr. Ahmad Aman, the one and only VVIP. Even though the hall wasn’t full, the atmosphere was warm and alive with excitement on the part of the freshmen (lucky draws and free food galore!) and a bit nostalgic on the part of the seniors (still remember your GASS once upon a time ago?).

The ceremony kicked off with a video clip of SCIENCESS events of yesteryear like the KOS Family Day and KOS Sports Day, and also the montage of WacKOS (we won, by the way). Dr. Ahmad Aman then went about warming up to the new students, relating his jolly life as a university student in the 70’s, when students had no motorcars (when did we last hear that word? Konserto Terakhir?!), little money, and Arrow shirts were the era’s Gucci. We also learnt some trivia: He was born with grey hair! 0_o Long story made short: After getting a not-so-discreet warning letter from the emcee, he welcomed the students to his office anytime to talk about issues regarding their life as students, and subsequently inaugurated the modest ceremony with the unveiling of the GASS VI banner.

The ceremony continued with quirky two-minute self-introductions by the various SCIENCESS excos, starting from our new President, Zakuan Azizi, to the ever important Assistant Head Committee of the Special Task and Economics Bureau, Sarah Ilya Othman (what a mouthful to pronounce). A lucky draw then ensued, which saw three juniors go home happier (Dr. Ahmad Aman gave them presents!). After having fulfilled his duty as one-time Santa, Dr. Ahmad Aman subsequently left to dine with the rest of the VIPs.

Afterwards, a troupe composed of second-, third-, and fourth-year CTS guys entertained everyone with a wonderful acapella Nasyid performance. Another lucky draw was held after that, albeit with a different Santa. Fortunately, those who did not win were relieved of their sorrows after watching Geli Mat. For those not in the know, we can’t even begin to describe the colourful language it features and its painful effect on your stomachs and mouths, but rest assured everyone enjoyed every minute of it =D

Anyway, the ceremony was promptly ended, and afterwards everyone adjourned downstairs to A-G-03 to get what they really looked forward to that evening: free dinner; appetiser, drinks, and dessert included. A session called ‘Sharing Moments’ was held in the adjacent classrooms, where the juniors and seniors dined together and got acquainted. It sounds like nothing much when compared to the GASSes held at Gombak, but we’re sure everyone was glad and happy that they came. Needless to say, everyone went home a little fuller (that’s what matters).

We at SCIENCESS would like to thank everyone for attending the event and we do hope to see juniors joining our ranks and helping us host more events in the future. Let’s pray for a productive and fruitful year in 2008. And more importantly, let’s have a blast! Welcome to the KOS family, and welcome home =)

Reported by,

Muhammad Zulhilmi Bin Mohd Ghouse

Public Relations & Information Bureau

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Jobscopes of Bureaus of SCIENCESS

Research & Education Bureau

1. Plan and organise activities in line with the Educational objectives of Kulliyyah of Science.

2. Study and set-up proposal for betterment of the academic achievement of the students and provide feedbacks regarding the matter.

3. Assist and coordinate students who are academically poor with the relevant unit such as the Students Learning Enhancement Unit (SLEU).

4. Organise programme to enhance the intellectual development of members through forums, seminars, symposiums, quizzes etc.

Public Relation & Information Bureau

1. Assist the authority in matters pertaining to communication and disseminating information to students of Kulliyyah of Science.

2. Prepare, manage and disseminate the bulletin, blog, group etc.

3. Spread out information regarding activities and programme conducted by SCIENCESS.

4. Create a powerful link and good relationship with media, local communities, and higher learning institutions, other Kulliyyahs, societies, clubs, potential sponsors and relevant authorities.

5. Promote the Kulliyyah of Science.

6. Build up good relationship between student and students, students and staff and also the whole community especially in Kulliyyah of Science.

Sport, Cultural & Recreation Bureau

1. Organise programmes to promote riadah / recreation and cultural activities among students in order to ensure that they are healthy, fit and active.

2. Organise programmes which not only involve students but also integrate them with the staffs.

3. Search for talents and form the SCIENCESS sports and cultural teams.

4. Find information and participate in the tournament and activities either inside or outside university, if possible.

Training & Career Development Bureau

1. Plan and organise activities to enhance students’ soft skill.

2. Organise programme that can give idea to the students about their future career.

3. Find information about career opportunity of the student of Kulliyyah of Science.

Special Task & Economic Bureau

1. Generate income for the SCIENCESS.

2. Take care and manage the running facilities in the SCIENCESS operation room.

3. Decorate and manage the SCIENCESS notice board.

4. Perform other duties assigned from time to time by President.

Islamic Affairs Bureau

1. Organise programme that will upgrade the moral of the students.

2. Organise programme and activities that can create Islamic environment especially in Kulliyyah of Science.

3. Manage the musolla in Kulliyyah of Science.

Social & Welfare Bureau

1. Assist the Kulliyyah in matters pertaining to students' welfare.

2. Report any needed pertaining utilities and facilities.