Tuesday, February 23, 2010

IRIS Festival

-Come And Join The Programme-
Tell your friends and your friends's friends k-

Monday, February 22, 2010

Online Course Registration and Add/Drop for Sem. 3,2009/2010 and 1,2010/2011

Level 4 & 5 | Feb 22, 2010 - Feb 23, 2010 | Monday - Tuesday
Level 3 | Feb 23, 2010 - Feb 24, 2010 | Tuesday - Wednesday
Level 2 | Feb 24, 2010 - Feb 25, 2010 | Wednesday - Thursday
Level 1 | Feb 25, 2010 - Feb 26, 2010 | Thursday - Friday
All levels | Feb 26, 2010 - Mar 01, 2010 | Friday - Monday



Date : 11th - 13th April 2010

Venue : One of the resorts at Selangor

Organizer : Students Learning Enhancement Unit (SLEU) IIUM Kuantan

Objective : To train students to become a facilitator and enhance Facilitators' skills.

Fees : Free

Those who are interested to enhance their facilitators' skill in participate in this program, please submit your CV/resume, photo and partial transcript to SLEU Office (former academic office of KAHS), Level 5 KOM latest by this Wednesday, 24th February 2010. Interview will be held on 1st & 3rd March 2010. (Open to all IIUM students)

Saturday, February 20, 2010


For those who interested to donate your blood, please contact
Bro Syafiq :0132747325
Sis Amanina : 0132773038
-As soon as possible-

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Professional Day-Launching Ceremony

::Some of the committees members::

::Our VVIP and the committee members::

::Students waiting for the launching::

::Prof. Dr. Kamaruzzaman Yunus, launched the programme::

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Adab for this Month!!! =)


Do you respect your elders????

Why don’t you test yourself?
Answer the questions below and see whether you are also guilty of showing disrespect to elders. There is no score or marking system, so you alone are your own judge =)

  • Do you enter a room and remember to greet every single person in the room,including elders?

  • When your friends come visiting, do you introduce them to your elders?
  • Do you raise your voice when you argue or do you stay calm?
  • Do you try to assume control of all activities at home – not telling your mother where you plan to go out, not letting your father listen to his favourite radio station, not seeking permission before changing the channels on TV?
  • Do you offer your seat when you see elders standing in the public transport?

Why should I respect somebody just because he/she is elder to me?
You should show respect to everybody, even those who’re younger. But especially your elders because they are ahead of you – in age, in wisdom and maturity, in experience and education. Our elders have done a lot for us, directly or indirectly and most of us owe everything to their kindness and love.
So guys, please respect your elders ok!!!! =))


Every Monday on twice a month will be given theme, that theme will be encourage students SCIENCESS to wear professional attire. The theme might be based on color or type of fashion such as corporate, business fashion and etc. For those student who wear professional attire based on that theme will be given an amazing prize. Committees program will be post their photo with that professional attire at SCIENCESS's blog, and also at notice board on KOS. So guys, be alert!! maybe you will be the lucky one!!! Snap! Snap! =)

Details of the Themes!!!

  • 08-02-2010 = Blue+ Elegance
  • 22-02-2010 = Green + Business
  • 08-03-2010 = Black + Corporate
  • 22-03-2010 = Grey + High Fashion
Other Monday = Flexible Professional Attire