Saturday, September 25, 2010

Writing Workshop!! =)


Wow!Guys! its IKOD 2010!!
Lets join all the programme!!

SCIENCESS's Futsal and Netball team,dont forget to join the tournament! =)

CTS Eid Gathering!! =)

To all CTS students, lets come and join this EID Gathering!!
Fees has been discounted to RM6 per person!!
You can wear your new Baju Raya!!
It would be great if you bring Kuih Raya too! =)

Monday, September 20, 2010


”He who fasts in the month of Ramadhan followed by 6 days in Syawal, it is as if he has fasted for 1 year”
[ Hadeeth Muslim ]

Thursday, September 2, 2010

~Another Review of Sciencess Ihya Ramadhan~

Report program for Ihya’ Ramadhan

Islamic Affair Bureau of Science Students Society has organized Sciencess Ihya’ Ramadhan starting from !0th august 2010 until 25th August 2010 with theme of “Enhancing Ibadah Reviving Faith”. Allhamdulillah, all the programs had been ran smoothly and got good response from sciencess students.

Tadarus Al-qur’an

Tadarus al-Quran program was held collaboratively with PROFAZ . The program was started from 10th August 2010 until 25th August 2010. Each department had to finish 30 juz and divided into small group which consist of five to six members for each group. Every group has their own leader. At the end of the program on 25th August 2010, majlis khatam al-Qur’an organized by PROFAZ was held and each kuliyyah need to assign two representatives from their own kulliyyah. For kuliyyah of science, the two representatives were Ahmad Farhan bin Hassan and Muhammad Harithah bin Ariffin.


Grand iftar sciencess was held on 19th August 2010 at IIUM Mosque. Almost 400 students and some lecturers had been joined in this program. The program started with Quranic recitation, speeched by Deputy Dean of students Affair, Dr Jamaluddin b Daud, iftar, maghrib prayer, tarawikh, tazkirah by Dr Ibrahim Shogar, and lastly moreh. The menu for iftar included simple meal like kuih and kurma as well as heavy meal such as beriani rice. Throughout this program, all seniors, juniors, and lecturer were gathered together in one place, ate together, and prayed together. Thus, good bonding between them could be developed.


Exhibition was held from 16th August 2010 until 20th August 2010 at KOS lobby. Some elements emphasized during the exhibition were the importance of Ramadhan, celebration of ramadhan from different countries, lailatul qadr and Muslim scholars. Campaign on encouraging KOS members to recite Qur’an and do’a were also included by pasted some posters related around KOS.


Sahur with orphanage is one of the outside campus programs. It was held on 21st August 2010 at Rumah Permata Camar, Tanjung Lumpur from 4am until 10am. 40 students from different departments were selected to join this program. Some of activities were going happen there(^.^)

Community service

Community service is a program collaborated under IAB SCIENCESS, DNT IPhA and SRC. This program was held on 21st August 2010 at Masjid Taman Balok Makmur Kuantan from 11am until 11pm. 100 participants was selected to join this program. Many activities were done such as health screening, fardhu ain class, motivational talk, exhibition, bubur lambuk giving ceremony, donation, and “”.

~pray for them~


hi guys! how are u? we hope that everything that you planned went well and may we all are in Allah's blessing (^_^) you still remember about our friends, who were involved in an accident recently? I bet you do eh~

They are 5 of them, all are first year students. 2 of them are from Biomedical Science (muhsin and izwar), another 2 are from CTS (akif and hafiz) and another 1 is from pharmacy course (izzat).

From our recent visit, Akif went home already. Meanwhile,hafiz and izzat have been transfered to the hospital at their respective state.Lastly,Izwar is getting better, currently he only needs a very low pressure for the ventilator machine. According to the nurses in charge, he can hear us now.So,it is highly recommended for you guys to give him a visit, say hi and give some motivated your support. You may also visit his blog

Guys, let's pray for them...may Allah gives them and their family strength and patience.
That's all for now. We'll update you more later (^_^).