Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Batch Leader Council (BLC)

On 7th October 2013, a batch leader council had been held in OSC meeting room. The event that started at 9pm and end at 11pm gathered all the batch leaders and assistants of batch leaders from all respective departments in Kulliyyah of Science. This event is a collaboration between Sciencess Line up and SRC.

On that night, new batch leaders were introduced to the council. Numerous activities that will be carried out by SCIENCESS were introduced and explained with details by the Sciencess Line up. Not only that, tons of issues and suggestion were collected and discussed between the Sciencess Line up and the batch leaders. Morever, many issues related to student’s welfare, academic and others were discussed as well on that night.

This time, batch leader council was deemed as a success when 28 out of 36 batch leaders were able to come and participate. Hopefully, this batch leader council will be a great medium that can connect those batch leaders with the Sciencess Line up and if all goes well, all the Sciencess Line up will do their best in dealing and solving the issues that are raised by the batch leaders.


Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Skuad Bersih Kubur

         Last week on Sunday, 29th September 2013, there was an event Skuad Bersih Kubur which was held by Welfare Bureau of SCIENCESS. This team of 20 students aims to help in cleaning the muslim grave yard of Tanah Perkuburan Jalan Bukit Ubi and those in Kuantan area.

         This event is one of the monthly plans of Welfare Bureau of SCIENCESS in order to encourage people to do the right deeds as a Muslim. Through this program, it can strengthen the relationship among these people and at the same time, it motivates them to constantly remember about death. We as a Muslim, we have no idea when will our death time come. It's Allah's secret. Besides, as everyone knows, life in this world is temporary and the permanent one is the life hereafter. In achieving this ultimate success, we first must know about ourselves better and go for Allah's blessings.

May Allah bless everyone of us and place us all in Paradise. Ameen.


Sunday, September 22, 2013

English Camp in Orphanage

            On 21st of September 2013, SCIENCESS Welfare bureau held an English camp at Pusat Jagaan Pusat Kebajikan Warisan Setia Damai located in Kampung Orang Asli Sungai Soi, Kuantan. This 2 days event started on 21st September until 22nd September 2013 was held with help of 21 committee and 15 volunteers. All of them are students from Kuliyyah of Science! 

This English camp was participating by 21 children of Pusat Jagaan Pusat Kebajikan Warisan Setia Damai. The objective of this English camp is to build a good relationship between Kuliyyah of Science with the entire orphanage in Kuantan area. Besides that, Kuliyyah of Science also intended to take Pusat Jagaan Pusat Kebajikan Warisan Setia Damai as their “Rumah Angkat Sciencess”. This is the very first time SCIENCESS will be having their own rumah angkat. Cheers to that!

Other than that, the other objective of the program is to instill the love towards English language among the children. Tons of interesting activities had been done in order to make the children to learn English language through fun and effective ways.  Through this program, Kuliyyah of Science students are able to build their positive personality through charity works. They not only teaching English language to the children, but they also painted murals and fences and help cleaning up the Pusat Jagaan Pusat Kebajikan Warisan Setia Damai.

            Most of the committee that involved in this English camp felt so satisfied and happy because they could interact with the children and able to instill the awareness about the importance of English language among them. This programs indeed, should be continued in the future and we felt so proud with all students that involved in this charity works and it is clearly proved that Kuliyyah of Science are able to produce students that not only good in study but also kind-hearted! :)


Friday, September 20, 2013


            On 17- 18 September 2013, a committee recruitment day (COMRADES) was held to recruit the new committee for all programs under SCIENCESS. The theme for this year COMRADES is “Ride With Us”. The theme portraying the determination of the SCIENCESS’ line up to encourage students to participate in all programs that SCIENCESS will be organizing.

Many exciting programs will be held by every bureau in SCIENCESS family such as SCIENCESS Got Talent, Ziarah Tautan Kasih, Team Bersih Kubur, Cycling Day, Wackos and many more. This 2 days recruitment was held at WACKOS and CTS Lounge from 10AM to 3.30PM. Tons of students especially the new intake students give a high participation by registering their name in every activity that will be held by SCIENCESS. Hopefully through this recruitment, we can strengthen up bond between SCIENCESS’ student


Saturday, September 14, 2013

Gass xii

Basicly GASS XII stands for Gathering of Sciencess Student. This gathering held annually to welcome the new intake students of the respective years. This year theme is “House of Diamonds”. Diamonds is to represent the Kuliyyah of Science student that is special in their own ways. During this gathering, the new students will be introducing with Kuliyyah of Science in details. It is compulsory for new intake students.
This gathering was held in main auditorium Kuliyyah of Science at 8.30 pm. This year, Kuliyyah of Science is welcoming all the new intake students from biotechnology department, CTS department and our new family members Chemistry department and Physics department.
During that night, the new students are being familiarized with SciencessExco Line up, Sciencess Acoustic Team and WACKOS Team.  Not only that, on that night there is a slot called Sharing Moment. During that slot, all the new students are divided according to their departments and lead by senior students and postgraduate students of the respective departments. Tons of advice and information regarding the student’s life in Kuantan are shared with the new students.

Hopefully, GASS for this year able to fulfill the main purpose in helping the new students in getting use to the student’s life in Kuliyyah of Science and in Kuantan generally. Last word from us,



Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Ta'aruf Programme 2013/2014

Hello fellow SCIENCESS!

Welcome to the new semester!

How was your holiday by the way? Oh wait, the 3rd year students weren't in the holiday mood eh? How were your internship anyway? Hehe. So, yeah, the starts of the new semester meaning the new intake of the students.

Say HELLO to our new juniors and a BIG HUGS for all of them.

3rd September was the date where all of the new IIUM students from all kuliyyah were required to register themselves in order to be a part of IIUM Kuantan. This 3 days Ta'aruf programme was handled smoothly and successfully by the committees and staff.

The registration were open since 8.30 in the morning until the afternoon according to the course. A lot of new faces on the day, with the parents and families along during the registration, this is what we will miss when we are in the final year, err..

The ta'aruf start right after the Zuhur where all the new students were required to gather at the grand hall for a briefing and the opening of the Ta'aruf. The night were fill with a forum and short slot with students committee.


The second day started with a few 30 minutes briefing on IIUM Kuantan facilities and during the riadah, the students were divided into groups along with the committees, they were team up to plant the trees on the open space near the Kulliyah of Pharmacy.

Meanwhile, in the night, the students were given a task to perform and leash out their creativity and talent during the Culture Night.

Ta'aruf 13/14 is ended with the final day with the course registration and kulliyah briefing. As usual, a closing ceremony is a must-event to be held. What else that best during that night? of course, you can sing the IIUM Kuantan official song (which you wouldn't sing it anymore after that) and also the dramatic closing ceremony. Heh! I bet all of the students do have a good time that night, no?

Again, WELCOME and GOOD LUCK to all of the new students. Whatever your course is, we all are one in the heart, the IIUM-nations.

And for all the SCIENCESS students, moreover to the ever first batch of Chemistry and Physics, good luck on being the junior and senior. Strive till the end. There is every good in every bad, right?

Chill ya, and enjoy your universities life in the peaceful IIUM Kuantan. Wassalam!