Friday, April 10, 2009

Final Exam


Yeah, we know.. the exams have started already. Our hands was kind of tied up lately. Sorry for the late update.

In this very short space, we, on behalf of the SCIENCESS Blog team, PRI, would like to wish everyone luck on their past and forthcoming exam.

Its just an exam, but do your best, it'll haunt you later on. Trust us....

Family Day


Yeah, we are in the exam mod. Everybody will have to study somehow or another. Even though, its last minute, make do with you have... haha

Anyway, here a little report on SCIENCESS Family Day 09 orgnaized by Sport and Rec. Bureau. It was held during the middle of March, just a few day SCIENCESS Islamic Cultural Festival Week was held.

This year, Taman Gelora was chosen. Although it was raining heavily during the day, it does not damper the participant spirits.

Many event was held such as Sand Castle Building, Cooking Competition, Sukaneka, Beach Volley Ball and many more. And don't forget, the annualy held Musical Chair.

The result?? Violet(new sport house form) was announced as the winner with highest point, followed by Chartreuse, Coral, Magenta and finally Dodge Blue.

To the loser, don't worry, its just a game and to the winner, don't be too proud, who knows you might the unlucky one next time (Just kidding).

Here are the pics, courtesy of Zickreeworld.

(click for larger and clearer view)