Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Here it is, guys. Last entry of the semester, courtesy of Najat:

KOS Gala Nite '08

Food, fashion and fun under one roof =)

Tsk... Tsk... Can't believe it's that time of the year again... A time for girls to doll up in glamourous make-up and guys to dress up for a change... The range of wardrobe goes from traditional Mmalay to modern day smarts to creative fusions. What great minds our friends have to out-dress each other. All in the spirit of our annual KOS Gala Nite, held on the evening of 17th October (may I add it was Nainai's birthday?) at M.S. Gardens Hotel.

It was a festive event with performances by Sazli's trio magic (who apparently can materialize RM 10 from thin air), Jay's soulful poem recitation accompanied by the talented Nabilah's guitar-playing, Jay's band of angklung (they played a fantabulous Barney theme song among other classics renditions), and our famous in-house kompang ensemble that came with a dramatic twist. At the end of the night, to see our seniors singing their hearts out on stage was an honour, albeit with a bittersweet feeling. They'll be leaving us soon, to embark on new chapters. We wish them good luck =)

Not forgetting... Food! Glorious food (with intonation from Oliver Twist)! Nothing says "Asian" better than Japanese tofu, Thai fried chicken, lamb massala and Chinese sweet and sour fish. Even the desserts served were superb with brownies, banana crumble and homemade bubur kacang hijau.

But my favourite part of the night was taking pictures with everyone I could find. That is actually the true highlight of the night. Hehe, that includes the plan of having Jay's unique get-up captured on film. Seeing everyone having fun, laughing and joking, while taking pictures and calling out to one another made me feel that this is definitely one of the good memories to cherish. No matter where you go in the future, be certain that you will always have a place with the friends you have here.

With one heart, as one family, under one roof =)