Thursday, February 28, 2013

Biodiversity sampling by 3rd year Environmental Biotech

Hello there SCIENCESS member!!

             Recently, 3rd year environment students already did their first sampling at the Mangrove Forest at Tanjung Lumpur! (^_^) The Biodiversity sampling was conducted to achieve the aims that being stated at below.. From the sampling day out, many new knowledge and experiences being gain by the enviroment students.

Lecturer: Prof Dr. Ahmed Jalal Khan Chowdhury
Date: 25 February
Subject: Biodiversity
Practical 1: Field Sampling in Mangrove Forests at Tanjung Lumpur.
1. To investigate different species of mangroves occuring in the study area, and to identify the adaptations they have made in order to cope with their surroundings.
2. To investigate the animal species that can be found as well as their adaptations to the mangrove environments.

Do they enjoy their sampling day out?

Since the pictures can speak a thousand words, why don't we let the picture speak on behalf of the environment students (^_^) Sure lots of new boots being put into extra exercise on that day. Hehe.


Saturday, February 23, 2013


Hi there fellow SCIENCESS members,
As we know, last Wednesday (On February 20th, 2013), the new line ups had started their very first step by opening up few booths located at WACKOS. During that period of time, they tried their best to win the heart of the students to join and participate as sub-committees under respective bureaus.

      Surprisingly, the feedback from the students were not disappointing (I know right!!!). These students had to fill up form of the bureau that they were interested in joining and later they will be call up for an interview.



Hopefully, you guys got the spot !!!!!!!!
Have faith in yourself and don't let the butterflies in your tummy from holding you back!
Outshine yourselves peoples !!


Friday, February 22, 2013

3rd Year Marine Biotech Sampling Day Out

Hello fellow SCIENCESS members!
          On 18 of February, an Oceanography sampling was carried out by 3rd Year Marine Biotech students. During that day, a beach profiling and sediment sampling being done at Taman Gelora and Teluk Chempedak. 22 students of Marine concentration been introduced to the use of Auto-level and Theodolite by Dr. Shahbudin.

          Auto-level and Theodolite are instruments that used in beach profiling. Throughout the day, the students are having a great time sampling! (^_^) From the sampling day out, many new knowledge and experiences being gain by the marine students.

Hopefully, as IIUM students we don't forget to grab all the knowledge and opportunities that being given by our university and use it to the fullest!
Oh yeah!
Come on guys! Make our IIUM proud!!!


Sciencess Election 2013/2014

And the results are finally out!!

Are you guys excited?!!
 Here are the faces of the new lines up for SCIENCESS 2013/2014 

Click for larger view

       After a few days of campaigning, and a day of voting, the Kulliyah of Science students have finally spoken up for representatives that day think that can lead SCIENCESS students and bring the best out of them. We sure do hope that this line ups can carry the responsibilities that have entrusted to them.

So, good luck guys, bittaufiq wannajah. All the best!