Friday, December 24, 2010

Congratulations to IIUM riders!

Sciencess proudly wishes all participants of
IIUM Independence Ride 2010
"Congratulations!!" and "Well done!!"

IIUM Independence Ride 2010 was organized by IIUM Cycling Club in collaboration with MRC Talhah. It was a programme that bound the students from Gombak Campus and Kuantan Campus, built good characters, and led to the spirit of togetherness. Students rode in a team and gained knowledge through the 260 kilometres journey. The best part is.. majority of the participants from Kuantan Campus are students of Kulliyyah of Science. =)

The ride took the students on the road for three days. First day; Gombak to Bentong, second day; Bentong to Temerloh, third day; Temerloh to Kuantan. Their arrival was warmly welcomed by IIUM Kuantan Campus Director, sport officer, principle of Mahallah Talhah and students of IIUM Kuantan.

It is a pride for all IIUM community that they have built a bridge connecting Gombak Campus and Kuantan Campus. Once again, we congratulate them for their efforts and success!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Sciencess' community is now expanding

Sciencess' community is now expanding

On 8th December 2010, Kulliyyah of Science has received 219 new students. As usual, the highest number goes to the Biomedical Science Department with 106 number of students. 54 students registered for Biotechnology while another 59 students registered for Mathematical Science.

They have had their Taaruf Programme in our own Kuliyyah Of Science. Sciencess would proudly wish them warm welcome and congratulations for being able to further their studies to this Garden of Knowledge and Virtue.

As welcoming the new students, Public Relation and Information Bureau of Sciencess has organized a sharing moment programme on 14th December 2010. This programme was done separately for brothers and sisters. Brothers were gathered at the lobby area of Mahallah Talhah 14, meanwhile, sisters were gathered at musolla CF sister. Seniors from each department and sciencess new lineup were invited to share their experiences with the new students. Additionally, SRC constituents for Kuliyyah of Science were also invited to give a few words.

We do hope that the new students would feel comfortable being in the new environment of Kuantan campus.Wassalam.

Bro. Shafiq as the master of ceremony

Biotechnology students with Bro. Que & Bro. Faiz

Biomedical Science students with their seniors..

Bro. Aklil giving his speech.. =)

Bro. Ukasyah representing Sciencess' Line Up

How friendly, sharing moment for CTS students done in their room..

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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Good luck!

To all KOS community, good luck & all the best for your final exam (^_^)

“…then when you have taken a decision, tawakkal (put your trust )in Allah" (3:159)

Friday, October 22, 2010



Attention to all, we have been informed that to change any link of 'iiu' to 'iium' in all online URL's such as websites and other online sites .
Therefore, to allow enough time for the migration, a landing page will be created to inform IIUM website visitors about the migration whereby the visitors will be directed to This landing page will take effect from 1st October until 30th November 2010. After 30th November 2010, visitors to the websites that still use the old 'iiu' domain will encounter broken link or page not found.
Please take note! =)

Friday, October 15, 2010



First of all, I never expected that I can get this post. Everybody knows we have very talented and promising candidates. But, all of you unanimously and decided to choose me. So, I feel very pleasured to be your voice as your president.

However, this post can be always transformed into a burden if it is not well-handled. So, I would like to ask all of you to work together with me and I also need your help and assistant in realizing the vision and mission of our Kulliyyah.

One of my missions is to see our Kulliyah is stand and to be viewed parallel to other Kulliyyah in IIUM Kuantan. Hope, that we can organize a number of joint venture programme in marketing, promoting and introducing our Kulliyah both inside and outside the campus. Insyaallah, we will organize an international programme like Hong Kong trip next time.

I also want to promote and encourage the habit or working together regardless the post and title. I wish for everyone to be supportive and compassionate in bringing SCIENCESS name to the highest level and recognition. So, it doesn’t matter if you are lecturer, staff and also student. Let us joint our hand together and looking forward to achieve our ambition. “We will never walk alone”.

I also want to remind all of you especially to all of the chosen EXCO here, every responsibility that have place on your shoulder should be taken seriously. So, I hope all of you do your job as well as you can together with the concept of IKHLAS.

If you have any ideas and suggestion to be shared, you are most welcome to do so. Please don’t be afraid to participate and expressing your idea to us.

Before I end my speech, let me quote the quotation from Saidina Abu Bakar As- Siddiq during the shifting of power as khalifah from our Prophet:

“ Wahai sekalian umat..Aku telah dipilih menjadi pemimpin kamu padahal ak ini bukanlah layak dan terbaik di kalangan kamu.. Sebab itu, jika pemerintahan ku ini adalah baik, maka sokonglah aku…tetapi, sekiranya pemerintahanku ini tidak baik, maka perbaikilah.. Patuhilah kepadaku selama mana ak patuh kepada Allah dan RasulNya..Akan tetapi, jika aku menderhakai allah, maka kamu sekalian tidak harus lagi kepadaku”

Thank you to all my fellow friends because spend your time to concentrate on my speech…




Ahmad Badruddin Othman


Muhammad Ukasyah Azhari


Nurul Damia Mohamad Sofian

Sec. General

Mohd Danial Mohd Efendy Goon

Asst. Sec. General

Sharifah Zahra Anoar


Siti Nurrul Husna Shaikh Mohd Azhar

Asst. Treasurer

Saidatul Syazana Al Amin Malim

EXCO (Biomed)

Adib Amir

Muhamad Zamri Abdul Murad

Siti Najihah Yahya

Wan Salihah Wan Abdullah

EXCO (Biotech)

Mohd Norziad Zainol

Mohd Adhameruddin Omar

Nurhidayah Samsuddin

Nor Salamah Mohamad Hidayat


Muhammad Nasir Mohamed

Mohd Raimi Che Mansor

Nur Fatin Ismail

Aliaa Mohamad Ziyadi

EXCO (International Students)

Mohd Hannan Shoukat Ali

Hazimah Mohd Nordin

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Salam fellow SCIENCESS!!!

Today is VOTING DAY!!!

Put your best votes for the candidates:

Candidates for President:
1) Muhamad Zamri Abdul Murad
2) Ahmad Badruddin Othman

Candidates for Vice President I:
1) Muhammad Ukasyah Azhari
2) Faisal Adli Suhaimi
3) Md Faisal Mohamad

Candidates for Vice President II:
1) Nur Fatin Ismail
2) Nurul Damia Mohamad Sofian
3) Masturah Mohd Yusoff

Candidates for General Secretary:
1) Mohd Danial Mohd Effendy Goon
2) Nor Izatul Firdaus Sutarzi
3) Qurratu'aini Nadzri

Candidates for Assistant Secretary General:
1) Sharifah Zahra Anoar
2) Siti Nurliyana Shaikh Mohd Salleh

Candidates for Treasurer:
1) Shafina Buang
2) Amirul Haffiz Ibrahim
3) Siti Nurrul Husna Shaikh Mohd Azhar
4) Azri Hilmi Mansor

Candidates for Assistant Treasurer:
1) Saidatul Syazana Al Amin Malim
2) Mohd Raimi Che Mansor

Candidates for EXCO (Biomed):
1) Azri Hilmi Mansor
2) Muhamad Zamri Abdul Murad
3) Mohd Irzan Sumarli
4) Ahmad Farhan Hassan
5) Jimmy Ahmad
6) Adib Amir
7) Siti Najihah Yahya
8) Wan Salihah Wan Abdullah

Candidates for EXCO (Biotech):
1) Mohd Adhameruddin Omar
2) Mohd Norziad Zainol
3) Nor Salamah Mohamad Hidayat
4) Nor Afiqah Mohammad
5) Nurhidayah Samsuddin

Candidates for EXCO (CTS):
1) Amirul Haffiz Ibrahim
2) Muhammad Nasir Mohamed
3) Mohd Raimi Che Mansor
4) Nur Fatin Ismail
5) Aliaa Mohamad Ziyadi

Candidates for EXCO (International Student):
1) Mohd Hannan Shoukat Ali
2) Alazwi Saifulislam Mohammed
3) Tammy Shegall Noori
4) Duaa Al-Fadil Hassan Khalifa
5) Hazimah Mohd Nordin



14th October, 8.30 a.m - 5.00 p.m
Manual voting (not E-Voting)
Resource Centre (Biotech & Biomed) and CTS Lounge (CTS)

Voting is COMPULSORY to all SCIENCESS students.

Let's us vote for a New Leader, New Vision and New Direction of SCIENCESS.

Be smart
Do your part

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


SCIENCESS Annual Grand Dinner or AGD is an annual programme held by our society. The objective of this event is to celebrate the final year students who will graduate from IIUM soon. It is also a symbol of appreciation to the graduating students for their hardworks and contributions during their 4 years of study. Although it issoudslike only for 4th year students, but all are also invited to join it.

As usual, dinner always has its own theme to make the event look grand and attractive. Therefore, this year's theme is Arabian be as 'arab' as you can!
ya habibi ya maulana~ come come come ~

Vote vote vote!!!!

Attention to all Kos students!

Voting day are as follows:

Day: Thursday
Date: 14th October 2010
Time: 9am- 5pm
Venue: Resource centre(Biomed & Biotech students)
CTS Lounge (CTS students)

All students are COMPULSORY to vote for your future leader. Please bring along your MATRIC CARD.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Annual General Meeting

Salam friends,

Annual general meeting has come egain! this time it is for 2010 session that will be held on 14th October 2010. This event need a great support from you all as it involves voting. All KoS students, 1st 2nd 3rd and also final year, are recommended (more precise word is compulsory) to vote for this new tenure in SCIENCESS board.Belows are the details for AGM:

Day: Thursday
Venue: Wack0s and CTS lounge
Time: 8am-4pm

Now, this is the time for select our own leader. Check out the nominees listname+ picture at the same place as above. It is a one day event, so grab this oppurtunity wisely!

Moreover, if you want to know your future president and his assistants~ do come to the manifesto event at:

venue: wack0s
date: 12th Oct 2010
time: 1 pm


venue: CTS lounge
date: 13th Oct 2010
time: 1pm

Please come and show your support!!!!! Voting is our responsibility (^_^)

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Writing Workshop!! =)


Wow!Guys! its IKOD 2010!!
Lets join all the programme!!

SCIENCESS's Futsal and Netball team,dont forget to join the tournament! =)

CTS Eid Gathering!! =)

To all CTS students, lets come and join this EID Gathering!!
Fees has been discounted to RM6 per person!!
You can wear your new Baju Raya!!
It would be great if you bring Kuih Raya too! =)

Monday, September 20, 2010


”He who fasts in the month of Ramadhan followed by 6 days in Syawal, it is as if he has fasted for 1 year”
[ Hadeeth Muslim ]

Thursday, September 2, 2010

~Another Review of Sciencess Ihya Ramadhan~

Report program for Ihya’ Ramadhan

Islamic Affair Bureau of Science Students Society has organized Sciencess Ihya’ Ramadhan starting from !0th august 2010 until 25th August 2010 with theme of “Enhancing Ibadah Reviving Faith”. Allhamdulillah, all the programs had been ran smoothly and got good response from sciencess students.

Tadarus Al-qur’an

Tadarus al-Quran program was held collaboratively with PROFAZ . The program was started from 10th August 2010 until 25th August 2010. Each department had to finish 30 juz and divided into small group which consist of five to six members for each group. Every group has their own leader. At the end of the program on 25th August 2010, majlis khatam al-Qur’an organized by PROFAZ was held and each kuliyyah need to assign two representatives from their own kulliyyah. For kuliyyah of science, the two representatives were Ahmad Farhan bin Hassan and Muhammad Harithah bin Ariffin.


Grand iftar sciencess was held on 19th August 2010 at IIUM Mosque. Almost 400 students and some lecturers had been joined in this program. The program started with Quranic recitation, speeched by Deputy Dean of students Affair, Dr Jamaluddin b Daud, iftar, maghrib prayer, tarawikh, tazkirah by Dr Ibrahim Shogar, and lastly moreh. The menu for iftar included simple meal like kuih and kurma as well as heavy meal such as beriani rice. Throughout this program, all seniors, juniors, and lecturer were gathered together in one place, ate together, and prayed together. Thus, good bonding between them could be developed.


Exhibition was held from 16th August 2010 until 20th August 2010 at KOS lobby. Some elements emphasized during the exhibition were the importance of Ramadhan, celebration of ramadhan from different countries, lailatul qadr and Muslim scholars. Campaign on encouraging KOS members to recite Qur’an and do’a were also included by pasted some posters related around KOS.


Sahur with orphanage is one of the outside campus programs. It was held on 21st August 2010 at Rumah Permata Camar, Tanjung Lumpur from 4am until 10am. 40 students from different departments were selected to join this program. Some of activities were going happen there(^.^)

Community service

Community service is a program collaborated under IAB SCIENCESS, DNT IPhA and SRC. This program was held on 21st August 2010 at Masjid Taman Balok Makmur Kuantan from 11am until 11pm. 100 participants was selected to join this program. Many activities were done such as health screening, fardhu ain class, motivational talk, exhibition, bubur lambuk giving ceremony, donation, and “”.

~pray for them~


hi guys! how are u? we hope that everything that you planned went well and may we all are in Allah's blessing (^_^) you still remember about our friends, who were involved in an accident recently? I bet you do eh~

They are 5 of them, all are first year students. 2 of them are from Biomedical Science (muhsin and izwar), another 2 are from CTS (akif and hafiz) and another 1 is from pharmacy course (izzat).

From our recent visit, Akif went home already. Meanwhile,hafiz and izzat have been transfered to the hospital at their respective state.Lastly,Izwar is getting better, currently he only needs a very low pressure for the ventilator machine. According to the nurses in charge, he can hear us now.So,it is highly recommended for you guys to give him a visit, say hi and give some motivated your support. You may also visit his blog

Guys, let's pray for them...may Allah gives them and their family strength and patience.
That's all for now. We'll update you more later (^_^).

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

~~~~Sciencess Ihya Ramadhan Review~~~~

SCIENCESS Grand Iftar (19th August 2010)

One way to celebrate Ramadan was by sharing iftar together following the sunnah.

The Messenger of Allaah (salallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam) said,

“Whoever feeds a fasting person will have a reward like that of the fasting person, without any reduction in his reward.”

[Ahmad and Al-Nasai. Also verified by Al-Albani as sahih]

Sciencess grand iftar is an annually program of Kuliyyah of Science (KOS). It aims is to bring students, lecturer and staff together from various racial and national background of all members of KOS to have iftar together in this month of barakah. Moreover, when all members of KOS being together, they can strengthen their ukhuwwah by getting know each other especially between senior and junior, as well as students and lecturer.

Normally this events is usually held at resource centre of Kuliyyah of Science but due to increasing number of student attend the grand iftar this year on 19th August 2010, the place had been changed to IIUM Mosque at Kuliyyah of Medic (KOM) as the resource centre is not enough to occupy many students this year. With about 400 students and staff showing up for the event, it was a great number of people took part compared to the previous years.

The program started at 6.30 pm with tadarrus and video show. Then at 7.20pm, simple meal which is kueh and dates given to every student and after maghrib prayer the students then being given “nasi beriani” each and the program continue until tarawih prayer and finished with moreh.

Eating in a group as done in this iftar is not the same as eating alone, a simple menu can become special one due to eating together because of bonding or ukhuwwah being developed during eating together. As the prophet said:

“The fasting person has two times of delight. He is delighted when he breaks his fast and delighted when He meets his Lord. And verily the foul odour from the mouth of the fasting person is better to Allah than the fragrance of musk perfume.”

[Al-Bukhari no. 1904 and Muslim no. 161/1151]

Thus, the programme runs smoothly even though there are some unexpected situation occurred but with the professionalism of the committee, the program has been conducted successfully and most of the feedback got from students are positive feedback.