Friday, March 29, 2013

Scuba Diving at Tioman Island

Assalamualaikum SCIENCESS people, good evening ;)

Have you ever thought of moving around underwater using swimfins attached to the feet, and sightseeing those beautiful underwater animals, sealife and sea creatures?

This time, those who wanted to have a scuba diving licence, RM900 (including all those equipments and accommodation in one package) is needed.

On the 23rd till 26th of March, majority of the Marine students (14 students), 3 students from Environment students, one student from Food Biotechnology students and another one 3rd year Biomed student, went for 4 days and 3 nights trip at Tioman Island, Pahang for their scuba diving licence.

In the period of 4 days there, they were supposed to snorkel about 200m from the shore on the first day and on the second day, they had to sink nearby the shore about 1m plus deep which needed them to be geared up with their own BCD (Bouyancy Control Device), fins and a regulator. Besides, skills like mask clearing, fin rivet and regulator recovery were taught by the Dive Masters. The second dive was 3m deep. All the students had to practice a new skill - equalizing. Equalize is when we pop our ears by pressing our nose and closing our mouth to overcome the water pressure at every 1m. The third dive was scarier which was about 7.8m deep. They had to hold on a thick rope and deflate the air whenever  they need to, to dive in until they reached the house reef located at the bottom of the sea, and at the same time, equalise. This time they had the chance the chance to see a few corals which might be poisonous.

On day 3, they needed to go to the house reef again, but this time they had to swim to it and swim  back to the shore, 100% underwater. In the evening, they had to learn how to do a back dive -- learning how to control buoyancy and kicking skills.

From this experience, one of the official open water scuba diver, Anis Syazana said in her blog,

"What I learnt from this experience is that being underwater is actually quite dangerous. Therefore, besides having our mind, body and soul ready for the challenge, we have to make sure that our basics are strong and the precaution steps are well understood and can be well practiced. There were a lot of things to be digested regarding this. The corals preservation, the water pressure control, the do and dont's." -- you guys may go and view her blog and read the further stories how well it went!

And more photos here!
(Credits to Sis. Anis Syazana & Sis. Siti Nur Munirah)
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Friday, March 22, 2013

Sg. Pandan sampling day by Biotech Environmental students

Hey there Sciencess students :)

 On the 20th March 2013, 3rd year Enviromental Biotech students had went to Sungai Pandan Waterfalls, (also sometimes called the Panching waterfalls) for their biodiversity sampling.

For you guys that doesn't know, Sungai Pandan is situated about 25 km from Kuantan, Pahang. It is a popular picnic and recreational location for Kuantan dwellers and those staying in the surrounding areas. Besides having the beautiful cascading waterfalls, the cool clear waters forming the streams along sandy soil amidst verdant jungle surroundings surely gave a breath taking experience for those that experience it.

Here some additional information about The Sungai Pandan ("Pandan River") Waterfalls:
The Sungai Pandan ("Pandan River") Waterfalls is part of the Sungai Pandan Forest Reserve ("Hutan Lipur Sungai Pandan") that encompasses an area of about 25 hectares. This forest reserve, an untouched treasure, is home to several species of tropical trees including a few species of the pitcher plants.

One of the environmental students said that "they having a great time exploring  the numerous tall timber trees and flora that make the green jungle there". With the assist from their beloved lecterur, they managed to identify the tall dipterocarp tree species of keruing, meranti and damar endemic in the area. Some small animals and some species of birds can also be spotted in the trees. 

If going further uphill to the top you can see the small stream that is the source of the uninterrupted supply of waters for the waterfalls. Along the way there are a few rest-huts to stop and view the surroundings.You can obsertved the beautiful cascading waterfalls. They shine a brilliant white against the morning sunlight.They are an amazing sight!!!

"Nature is always beautiful whichever way we look at them."


Saturday, March 16, 2013

Field Trip by Food Biotechnology Students

and a big hi to everyone :)

Have you had your meal? Enjoyed your weekend? Or 3 days ain't enough for your "really good" weekend? I bet everyone will feel the same hehe! So lets jump to the main topic!

For weeks, all of the Food Technology students couldn't even wait any longer for the trips (I guess so), because y'know, they're taking this course, I suppose they're very fond of food regardless the killer subject (Organic Chemistry) would treat them in Food Chemistry.

So, we would like to share their experience during their field trip to Beryl's Chocolate, Bandar Baru Bangi and Yakult, Seremban yesterday.

Map to Beryl's Chocolate Factory, Bandar Baru Bangi.

The departure was roughly at 0530 am, and you guys have no idea what were their reactions when the mind had been set up to open their eyes at that kind of hour. The bus headed up straight to their destination which is Beryl's Chocolate at Bangi, Selangor -- Stopped at few R&R to perform salah and buy some snacks.

About 1030 am, they arrived at Beryl's Chocolate Factory. The place was so beautiful like these photos going to tell you.

Sister Haryanie was promoting the beautiful Beryl's Chocolate Factory.

Once you've entered the main entrance, you'll see this counter.

The demonstrator was in that white shirt.

The adorable frames are everywhere! We love the left one the most, what 'bout you?

The highest floor, with the gorgeous lamps and everything.

Quickly snapped the photo as they were hurried into the museum.
(No photos or videos are allowed in either museum or factory)

The process in making chocolate! 

Some sorts of the packaging of the Beryl's chocolate were displayed.

All students involved in this trip then moved into the factory which for sure, photos or videos aren't allowed at all. Next, they went to this one room where the warm-hearted Beryl's chocolate chef (also a product demonstrator) seemed ready to demonstrate on how to make dark chocolate with stick.

The chef showing the molds that he usually uses to make this kind of chocolate stick.
To make chocolate, we no need to use mask, but only gloves.

The dark chocolate needed to be stirred thoroughly to get the uniform temperature.
The chocolate should remain at the same temperature while you work with
chocolate outside of the bowl.

Bro. Zul was too lucky to be chosen to assist in this session:
He needed to pour the chocolate into the molds.

The dried fruits which would be put on the chocolate itself,
e.g: dried pineapple, dried mangoes, etc.

"Putting those sticks needed to be done in a short time," the chef said.

After putting some dried fruits on the chocolate, we have to put this thing in the fridge.

Here comes to the drizzling part, by which using strawberry chocolate (after the chocolate
has been freezed). The strawberry chocolate was heated in moderate temperature only.

Can't get these chocolate sticks in the store out there, because they're not for sale.

After finishing all the demonstrations, photos please!

What we were all waiting for... is actually this!

The Beryl's Chocolate Shop.

Shopping for everyone, family and friends!

About 1250 pm, everyone was starving for food, and the Muslimins particularly, had to go to Jumu'ah prayer at the nearby Mosque. Everyone should be gathered together at 0200 pm before proceeding to the next trip, which is to Yakult!

They arrived there at 0315 pm, and they got a very warm welcome by the staff (product demonstrator). She gave them all of the information that she ought to speak off. And they as the students felt so amazed with the interesting input, and even some of them had some kind of thoughts to apply job and get involved with Yakult production.

Yakult is a world pioneer in probiotics field. It's born from the research of a doctor that was conducted in 1935 by Dr Minoru Shirota. He became the first person in the world to succeed in culturing a strain of lactic acid bacteria (came from some kind of cheese), and indeed, this bacterium which is scientifically proven to be among the strongest strains of beneficial bacteria and has been shown to benefit human health, was named "Lactobacillus casei Shirota strain" after Dr. Shirota himself.

"Yakult is free of preservatives, colourings and stabilizers, and it is made not for only kids, but for everyone," said the Yakult demonstrator.

Yakult is a world pioneer and leader in the field of probiotics.

Yakult's cosmetics are created using biotechnology, from bacteria and herbs.

Free gifts from Yakult: a bottle of Yakult Ace and a notebook.

In front of the Yakult Factory which is located in Seremban, Negeri Sembilan.

Want to know how Yakult is produced?
Go to this link: Making Yakult

They went back to IIUM Kuantan at 0630 pm and arrived safely in the midnight. Everyone had so much fun and gained a lot of useful knowledge, mainly on the facts of both Beryl's Chocolate and Yakult.

Till then, ma'as salamah. Wasalam.


The New Erudition, March Edition!


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Friday, March 15, 2013

IIUM Kuantan East Coast Debating Cup 2013

Greetings and hello everyone!!

We are proudly announcing that the East Coast Debating Cup is back for the second time!!

International Islamic University Malaysia Kuantan Campus (IIUM Kuantan) is excited to convey that we will be organizing our second debating championship, the IIUM Kuantan East Coast Debating Cup 2013 that will be held on 3rd to 5th of May 2013. This sophomore championship will be opened for participation to the public government academic institutions of the secondary and the tertiary in the East Coast region (Pahang, Terengganu and Kelantan ONLY). We will begin sending invitational letters to every institutions in the East Coast region and start the registration process very soon. So mark your calendar and fortify your debate troops!

2 categories will be opened, the Bahasa Melayu and the English categories. For the Bahasa Melayu categories, debat ala parlimen style will be followed while the English categories will follow the Asian parliamentary format (3 vs 3). Team caps for each category is 30 teams (maximum of 3 teams per institution, first come first serve basis). No composite team is allowed. Each institutional branch will be considered as exclusive and separated. It's COMPULSORY for every team to bring along one adjudicator for each team registered (but the more the merrier they say!). One reserve for each team is ALLOWED.

Since the participation for ECD 2013 (short for EAST COAST DEBATING CUP 2013) is now opened for registration. Fill in the forms provided in IIUM Kuantan East Coast Debating Cup official blog and do not let your institution be missed out! The registration will close on 5th April 2013.

For more additional details regarding the championship, kindly visit IIUM Kuantan East Coast Debating Cup official blog or their official Facebook event page.

(Taken from ECDC official blog)


Thursday, March 14, 2013

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