Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Batch Leader Council (BLC)

On 7th October 2013, a batch leader council had been held in OSC meeting room. The event that started at 9pm and end at 11pm gathered all the batch leaders and assistants of batch leaders from all respective departments in Kulliyyah of Science. This event is a collaboration between Sciencess Line up and SRC.

On that night, new batch leaders were introduced to the council. Numerous activities that will be carried out by SCIENCESS were introduced and explained with details by the Sciencess Line up. Not only that, tons of issues and suggestion were collected and discussed between the Sciencess Line up and the batch leaders. Morever, many issues related to student’s welfare, academic and others were discussed as well on that night.

This time, batch leader council was deemed as a success when 28 out of 36 batch leaders were able to come and participate. Hopefully, this batch leader council will be a great medium that can connect those batch leaders with the Sciencess Line up and if all goes well, all the Sciencess Line up will do their best in dealing and solving the issues that are raised by the batch leaders.


Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Skuad Bersih Kubur

         Last week on Sunday, 29th September 2013, there was an event Skuad Bersih Kubur which was held by Welfare Bureau of SCIENCESS. This team of 20 students aims to help in cleaning the muslim grave yard of Tanah Perkuburan Jalan Bukit Ubi and those in Kuantan area.

         This event is one of the monthly plans of Welfare Bureau of SCIENCESS in order to encourage people to do the right deeds as a Muslim. Through this program, it can strengthen the relationship among these people and at the same time, it motivates them to constantly remember about death. We as a Muslim, we have no idea when will our death time come. It's Allah's secret. Besides, as everyone knows, life in this world is temporary and the permanent one is the life hereafter. In achieving this ultimate success, we first must know about ourselves better and go for Allah's blessings.

May Allah bless everyone of us and place us all in Paradise. Ameen.