Thursday, January 29, 2009

Cenfos visiting us...: The Report


Last Sunday, our campus was visited by students from CENFOS. Madam Nazira, Miss Safiyyah, Bro Nazim and Bro Nazir was there also accompanying them.

Well, they arrive an unexpectedly with one bus arriving on time and another quite late, but still they can still hear the briefing. The program began with the arrival of students and VIP's. As usual, the program preceded with opening remarks from both sides, then briefing from each department and the multimedia presentation. We also have the pleasure of listening to Bro Dzaqqe Yameen Quranic recital of Surah Luqman. He was the ex exco for IAB (Islamic Affairs Bureau).

Around 76 students (or more or less, can't remember the exact number though). Briefings, sharing moments, KOS tour and the exhibition was the more highly anticipated. I believe they want to have a look at our hostel, but we apologise, as we are limited on time.

The ramblings here is not that important, but the things sought most is the pictures. So here there are:

well, that's not all, I'll post the link to the pictures later on



RC Book Drive....

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salam people...

WacKOS is currently rebuilding our beloved KOS' Resource Centre. We are still in progress and some changes have been made.

However, we can't do this alone and we need your help.

our help? but HOW??

Here's how. We are having a book drive after this Chinese New Year holidays.

We need your books for KOS' Resource Centre.

The books can be text books, novels, magazines, or any reading materials in any languages as long as its readable(read: in good condition) and suitable for all.

you can donate your books during working hours at the Resource Centre. Just put on the counter and we will collect them after class. leave us your name and contact number in your book.

educational and informative reading materials are most welcome.

magazines like Seventeen, Remaja, or any "not-suitable-for-all-to watch-front-cover" magazines are not allowed.

A big THANK YOU to you. :D

please help me to spread the news ya! ;)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


From, all kulliyah in the Kuantan campus sees no competition except for Kulliyah of Allied Health Sciences.

Our Kulliyah will be represented by Bro Anwar from Biomed Dept. and Sis Husna from CTS Dept.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

SRC Election Update


Just acquire a new info. Previously the nomination date was scheduled yesterday, 16 January 2009 while the election on 19 January 2009. However, the update tells that nomination date is postponed to 19 January 2009 while the election is on 22 January 2009, Thursday.

It was also revealed on Malaysiakini

-Sources from Szakif,IIUM Bloggers

any latest news will be available to you immediately

Friday, January 16, 2009

GASS VIII with pictures!!!


Greetings from us, the Sciencess blog team!!

As you all have known last night, GASS VIII was held. As usual, GASS was held to welcome our new brothers and sisters embarking their journey here, in Kuantan. FYI, GASS stands for Gathering of Science Students.

To make it short, GASS began at 6 pm (it's starting to become earlier and earlier, than the previous one). The biotech students however arrived a bit late. They've got class in the evening. As usual, it began with speeches by the Dean (Prof Rizdwan) and by the Academic Advisors ( Br Supian for CTS, Dr. Md Nor (for biotech) and Sr. Zaitun (for Biomed). Dr Jesni was present also.

After Maghrib prayer, the Multimedia Show and the performance commenced. The Kompang team was there to entertain us with their familiar song. Then, the Exco's was introduced. After that, it was the lucky draw. Normally, the sisters were the lucky one with an exception of 1 brother.

Also, the Mentor Mentee program was launched. The ambassador, Br. Zulkifly Yunus, briefly introduce about the program and its aim. The seniors was given a bunch of juniors, where the seniors have to overlook and help their mentees in any way they can (more info will be given later). Later on, the seniors join in the juniors during the sharing moment session.

Roughly, the 58 new students enrolled this semester, however not all can make it.

Here are some pics:
(want it more clearer?, just click the picture......)<ImageHost.orgImageHost.orgThe lucky bro

more pictures are available here :

-Your Sciencess Blog Team-

Sunday, January 11, 2009

IIUM Kuantan Palestinian Assembly

(from kosmo)

Down! Down! Israel!!!
Allahu Akbar!!!

Those were the words chanted by the students. The assembly was held right after the Friday prayer in front of KOM(Kulliyah of Medicine) Square. Almost all student of the campus were there to show their support. They are also join by students from KIPSAS. It was held between a joint effort between the ex-SRC of IIUM Kuantan and all society. Our society weren't left out as well.

Even though it was raining, the students was full of spirit. Media representative were also present.

Below were the resolution announced:
  1. To boycott products from Isreali allies
  2. To donate for the Palestinian.
  3. To send humanitarian aid to Palestine.
  4. To recite Qunut Nazilah every time after performing prayers.
Here are some pics:
Preparation for the assembly
The protest, the clouds are angry as well

Although there is not much that we can do now, please show your support to the Palestinian. Boycott any product that surely support Israel and the US. If you are able, please give some donation to help ease their burden.......

Friday, January 9, 2009



This blog is in the midst of upgrading its layout. So, there may be some things which are not functioning properly at this moment.

Sorry for any inconvenience cause. We're hoping to be better than ever.

-Sciencess Blog Team

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Here are just some info on what going on in Wackos. On the 2nd of January, the crew assembled at 11 a.m. there. The purpose was to arrange Wackos back to its proper order.

Here are some pics:

Before ......

The crew assembling

That sofa looks heavy....

The new arrangement though not quite finished yet

Just a word of reminder, for those who've used Wackos, please don't forget to return it to its former glory.

Monday, January 5, 2009



It’s the New Year already and also you can say the beginning of the new semester even though its already the third week of the semester. SCIENCESS had new people and this blog also had a new person in charge. Anyway, that concludes the introduction.

As some of you might have known, the CTS Lounge had moved to a new area. It’s still in the same block, but different place. The old lounge become the new GPCL (General Purpose Computer Lab).

The moving took place on the 1st of January 2009. It begun at 8.30 am, where the volunteers starts to the gather at the old lounge at level 1. The stuff was packed and brought down to the ground floor near the toilet. The volunteers were split into two groups. The sisters, clean, unpacked the stuff and arrange it into the new lounge. The brothers meanwhile, with the help of Dr Samsun and Dr. Salihi, brought in the new computer desk into the old lounge. Later on, the sisters helps the brothers brought down the computer to the old lounge and set it up. Some of the sisters prepared refreshment to top-up the energy loss.

Here are some pics.....

Sis helping to clear out the old lounge

It moves as the lounge moves

Quite heavy aren't they?

Mmm, the first to try the new PC....

New GPCL established....

Resting...... at the new lounge

Dr Samsun seen helping out the crew.....

Well, the new GPCL was established. The lounge moved. All work was completed at 11.30 a.m. What do you get after letting all that sweat out ? Well, you guess its the refreshment.

Anyhow, we would like to thank all the CTS Lounge crew and other volunteers from Biotech, Biomedic and CTS. It's a hard work indeed, but it'll pay off later on. Also, come and visit the new GPCL (at the old CTS Lounge) and the new CTS Lounge(now located ground floor). There might be something useful for you.....