Monday, August 27, 2007

Annual Dean's List Appreciation Dinner 2007

Woohoo!! Free dinner! That was my first thought when I saw that I had been invited to attend the KoS’ Annual Dean’s List Appreciation Dinner at Vistana Hotel Kuantan. Sure the certificate and acknowledgement is nice, but everyone wants a free meal, especially if it’s a hotel buffet =p

So the event was planned to begin at 8pm on the 20th of August, but due to some miscommunication between the organising committee and the university bus drivers, we ended up leaving for the hotel only after 8.30pm. Not a good start to the night if you ask me. Upon arrival to the hotel, as soon as we were all seated, the event was underway. Our beloved dean was of course present, so too were the deputy deans, HoDs, course coordinators as well as lecturers. Even the laboratory assistants and demonstrators made an appearance. Oh and not to forget, the team of student’s who represented IIUM at the inter-university Internship Challenge and won it, also attended the dinner, as if the cash prize they received wasn’t enough =p So after the usual speech and doa’ recitation, the main event, dinner!!!! =D Luckily for me, I was seated at the table closest to the food =p

During dinner, the list of recipients for the Dean’s List was read out, and the students took their turns to get up on stage and receive their awards, a certificate and a little gift as well. I got a thermos =p Don’t know about the rest. There were a total of about 100+ students on the list for both semester I and semester II for the year 2006/2007. Many students received the award for both semesters, some only for one semester, but in any case, congrats to them all.

After the dinner and award presentation, the night ended with a mass photography session. All recipients had their photos taken in a large group shot on stage, and after the formalities were done, the students all broke out and started snapping pictures left and right with their hand phones and digicams, taking photos with their friends and lecturers.

However, there was one last little surprise. About an hour long wait for the buses just had to ruin the night. Everyone was tired, exhausted, and wanted to return to campus, but again, a probable miscommunication led to a little more suffering just before the night ended.

All in all, despite the waits before and after the event for transportation, the night was pretty enjoyable. Free food, a cert and gift, felt like a celebrity for the night with all the flashing lights and such, acknowledgement for the outstanding students of the past year, yup, it was a pretty good night. Some even were able to bring back a little doggy bag =p

To all recipients, I say a job well done. May Allah bless us this year and reward all our hard work with success, but lets not focus too much on academic success now, we also have a responsibility to achieve spiritual and religious excellence as well remember. A fine balance between the two is what makes us good Muslim students. To my fellow students, lets make the KoS book a better hotel with a bigger ballroom and better food in the future, lets lengthen the Dean’s List, and insyaAllah, more of us will be attending the dinner next year, amin.

Reported by

Jazli Aziz
Bureau of Information and Communication, Sciencess

Career Clinic 2007

How did 'career clinic' sound to you? Are you familiar with this kind of programme? Well according to Dr Tariqur Rahman, people go to clinic when they fell sick. Sometime People go to clinic to have medical check up on them. So what make people go to 'career clinic'?

On Saturday, 18th August 2007, a Career Clinic was organized at our very own Kulliyyah of Science's Main Auditorium by Training and Career Development Bureau, Science Students’ Society. 40 students from various courses in Kuantan Campus have attended the workshop. Even though the number of participants was far away from the targeted participants, it was not a barrier for this programme to achieve its objectives. This is the first ever workshop organized by this bureau and with the theme “Career on the Go”, this workshop was a success. Aiming in developing and building self-confidence and self-esteem among the students of IIUM (especially from Kulliyyah of Science) and equipping them with important skills required during job quest, this programme was definitely what the graduating students are looking for.

Our honorable VIPs for that special day were Dean Kulliyyah of Science, Prof. Dr. Ridzwan Hashim and Deputy Dean (Student Affairs),Kulliyyah of Science, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Amad @ Ahmad Aman.After several changes on the speakers invited for this workshop, 2 well-known person at last made it to come and share their valuable knowledge and experience with the participants. Dr. Mohammad Tariqur Rahman from Department of Biomedical Science was the first speaker on that special day presented an interesting talk on ‘Effective Presentation Skill’. In this slot, 2 lucky participants were chosen to demonstrate on how to present a given topic in front of audiences before and after this session. Amazingly their presentation did improve after that session! From this talk, participants benefit heap of important points that we fail to practice in our presentation.‘Your talk is a GIFT to your listeners, so don’t disappoint them as they have invested time for you’. Resume and interview are 2 important things that must be given great attention in seeking job. These 2 things will actually give our first impression to the employer. Realizing the importance of these subjects as well as the need for the students to know this knowledge, a talk on Resume-writing and Interview Skills was included in this Career Clinic.

The speaker for this slot was brought specially from Gombak Campus for this programme. The Head of IIUM Endaument Fund, Tuan Haji Abu Bakar B. Sidek was the person responsible to fill the participants with the information about this topic. And with his simple yet professional way in delivering his presentation, the participants will definitely remember the important points that he delivered. All in all, the workshop is a big success to the organizer. Two thumbs up to them for their very good work!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

SCIENCESS @ Sinar Harian

SATU Inisiatif yang menarik untuk mengisi masa lapang ialah menubuhkan kelab berdasarkan kepada seni kebudayaan khusus untuk golongan pelajar.

Inilah yang ditonjolkan melalui Kelab Sciensess yang ditubuhkan setahun lalu adalah idea terbaik untuk mengumpul pelajar dalam memperjuangkan seni dan budaya.

Orang yang bertanggungjawab dalam merealisasikan penubuhan kelab tersebut ialah Presiden Persatuan Pelajar Sains Universiti Islam Antarabangsa, Ahmad Lutfi Lokman.

Ahmad Lutfi berkata, kelabtersebut sebenarnya bermula di Gombak dan berpindah ke Kuantan pada tahun lepas.

"Kelab ini lama bergiat aktif di Gombak dan kemudian dipindahkan ke sini untuk menguruskan kuliah dan kelab di Kuantan.

"Jumlah ahli kelab ini tidak tetap dan tidak ada had. Semua pelajar sains terutamanya boleh menyertai kelab ini” katanya.

Menariknya tentang kelab tersebut ia seolah-olah seperti kelab Rakan Muda yang mempunyai banyak cabang.

"Terdapat tujuh cabang atau unit di bawah kelab ini iaitu Perhubungan Awam, Sukan dan Rekreasi, Pembangunan Latihan dan Karier, Penyelidikan dan Pembangunan, Specialitis dan Ekonomik, Hubungan Islam dan Informasi serta Komunikasi.

"Kelab Sciencess aktif dalam memperjuangkan bidang seni dan warisan. Ini dapat dilihat melalui penglibatan mereka dalam aktiviti seni seperti drama, tarian, teater dan beberapa persembahan seni lain.

"Baru-baru ini, mereka terlibat konsert kebudayaan sempena I-Quest di UIA Kuantan dengan mempersembahkan tarian sewang iaitu tarian tradisi masyarakat Orang Asli Pahang” katanya.
Sementara itu, ketua projek tarian sewang, Mohd Fardy Ibrahim berkata, latihan bagi sesebuah persembahan selalunya dibuat pada waktu malam atau ketika semua ahli tidak sibuk dengan kuliah.

"Kami memilih tarian sewang kerana ia adalah tarian tradisi masyarakat Orang Asli di negeri ini dan mahu mengangkat budaya warisan supaya tidak pupus.

"Kami juga mahu memperkenalkan budaya warisan kita kepada masyarakat luar terutama pelajar antarabangsa yang belajar di negara kita. Aktiviti seperti ini sebenarnya bertujuan untuk mengisi masa lapang dan minat pelajar. Bagi mereka yang rasa tidak ada saluran untuk menunjukkan bakat, kelab ini mereka dapat mengetengahkan bakat yang ada.

"Selain itu, Kelab Sciencess turut mengambil berat kebajikan pelajar atau ahlinya. Jadi, semua pelajar sains boleh menyertai kelab ini” ujarnya.

We Won!

7 students from KOS won a competition named Internship Challenge (National Level 2007) organized by The competition was held at One Utama Shopping Complex, Damansara on 13th August 2007. The competition was like an Explorace Game but it wasn’t really a speed game, but thinking and soft-skills game. During the game, students’ skills in many areas were being practically tested including skill to design sushi and how to promote it to market, memorizing skill, visual skill and spatial skill.

The students are:
Amirah Abdul Razak (Leader) – BSBT 3rd year
Noor Artika Hassan – BSBM 3rd year
Nor Hapifah Md Rasdi – BSBM 3rd year
Siti Sarah Yaacob – BSBM 3rd year
Aimi Salwani Abdul Rahman – BSBT 3rd year
Muhammad Zubir Yusof – BSBM 3rd year
Muhammad Zaki bin Ramli – BSBM 3rd year

They were accompanied by Sister Nor Haiza, a lecturer from Biomedical Science Dept during the competition.

They won RM3000, trophies for winning the Champion of the Inter-Varsity Level competition which involved 9 other universities and colleges - UM, UMP, UiTM, UniMas, MIIM, Nilai International College, Kolej Komuniti Grik, MMU and UniMAP. Not only that, they also win the Intra-Varsity Level competition which brought them 3-day 2-night package stay in Awana Resort Malaysia. Prize giving ceremony was held at Shangri La Hotel Kuala Lumpur officiated by a representative from the Ministry of Higher Education.

With the participation and most importantly the winning, the students have got the chance to promote IIUM Kuantan’s name and more specifically KOS’ and SCIENCESS’ names. Besides that, they were also promoting IIUM’s spirit by having a cheer which showed their Islamic face by having a cheer which sounded “I I U M Allahu Akbar!”

This is just another winning flowered by KOS students and of course the kulliyyah and the society are looking forward for more achievements from the students. It’s a proof that KOS and SCIENCESS can do it despite the difficulties we were facing previously due to the move to the new campus.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

KOS School Tour 2007 Report

This program was held recently at MRSM Kuantan on 4th of August 2007. The Principal of MRSM Kuantan, Tuan Hj. Rozali bin Mamat who had launched this program hoped his students to benefit from this program. He also hoped that the delegations from Kulliyyah of Science, IIUM Kuantan campus could persuade the students to further their studies in science- and mathematical-based undergraduate program. This program concerns to attract school students to enroll themselves in courses related to science and mathematics. In addition, this program also aims to introduce Kulliyyah of Science and its three departments; Departments of Biotechnological Science, Departments of Biomedical Science and Department of Mathematical Science. Furthermore, this program also aims to inform the student about the job prospects available once they graduated.

This program was divided into two sections; exhibition and seminar. The seminar was held in the assembly hall of MRSM Kuantan where three speakers from each department; Br. Mahfuz for Biomedical Science, Sr. Fairuz for Biotecnological Science, Sr. Rafitah for Mathematical Science and one speaker from Kulliyyah of Science; sr. Shamsiah had given their best presentations to students. The presentations had delivered information on concentration courses offered, career opportunities available and minimum qualifications required to enroll as a science student. Consequently, as like many other events, participants were given the chance to ask questions. The Q & A session was carried out for nearly 45 minutes.

After that, this tour continues with exhibition done by delegations from Biotechnological Science, Mathematical Science and Biomedical Science. Biotechnological Science booth was divided into 6 stations; Research Discourse corner, Achievement and Academic Performance Corner, Discovery Corner, Job Prospect Corner, Q & A corner and Yoghurt Tasting corner. Meanwhile, Biomedical Science booth was sectioned into five; Job scope corner, Lecturers’ Biography corner, Research Discourse corner, and experiment corner. Finally was the Mathematical Science booth which was divided into seven sections; Miracles of Numbers section, Research section, Famous mathematician Biography section, application of Pascal’s Triangle in Algebra and Probability application section and Games section.