Tuesday, January 30, 2007

SCIENCESS's Induction Course

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When the rest of the KOS students have joined their families during last midterm break, we, Sciencess Board members sacrificed some of our days going to Cherating for a program that aimed to build and to strengthen the ukhuwah among us. Formally it was named Induction Course, but the modules executed during the days weren’t as formal. It was a relaxing and enjoyable one but in the same time it had content in it. It was started at the kulliyyah with warming session with the new Deputy Dean of Student Affairs, Prof Dr. Ahmad Aman and Assistant Director of KOS, Bro Malik Abdul Hadi on the night of January 19, 2007.

Held particularly at Sanctuary Resort on the next day, we were accompanied by the breath-taking wind and scenery of Laut China Selatan (China East Coast is it?). Some of the modules were performed near the beach like games, musical drama competition and aerobic exercise (it wasn’t like what you can imagine I tell you!) where we were challenged with activities like preparing Beach Idol (I couldn’t help to stop laughing when looking the idols after being groomed by their group members), acting while singing, and dancing together with the beat of Madu and Racun song. Well, some of us haven’t had experience in some of the activities and that was our first time doing so. But everyone really gave commitment and didn’t really mind to do things like singing, acting, posing etc because we were there to enjoy, but in the same time we could know each other much better.

Meanwhile, for activities like ice breaking, discussion, Session with Presidency, summing things up and not to mention praying were held in the main room – our president’s room. The room was big enough to accommodate people as much as 21 persons in one time. For these activities, we discussed about the strength and weaknesses of ourselves, the society, the kulliyah, the university administration, and of course the students’ welfare.

In the end of the program, we have known each other much better. All these while, we only had time in the kulliyyah and during the meeting to see each other, so there’s no life, no medium for us to get to know each other and to understand everyone’s behavior and characters. So, by undergoing Induction Course, our true color was revealed. Who knows someone likes to improvise songs? Who knows the other someone has problem with his or her image? Who knows some others have problems with bunch of things in mind that affect his or her facial expression? Almost everything was revealed during this program, so we could understand each other better, and that what made our ukhuwah stronger.

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Warming session

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During Session with Presidency

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..... :D

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Like on the dessert. LOL

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The game.

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Sempoi group's Beach Idol

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Yusof being groomed by his group member.

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During SWAT session.

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During SWAT session II.

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Sanctuary Resort

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Dancing with the beat of the song Madu dan Racun. It was fun I tell you!

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During musical drama competition. Mo'tasim fainted?

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There the princesses from the sky came to help Lufti curing his friend.

Friday, January 19, 2007

International Student's Committee of IIUM Kuantan

International Islamic University of Malaysia. Emphasis on the word “international”. Being in an international university, we are sure to have international students (like duh!). On the 18th of January, in this new year of 2007, Kuantan’s very own society of international students held their first function together.

What is the name of this society you ask? It’s called the International Student’s Committee of IIUM Kuantan (ISC). It’s members consist of Kuantan’s international students (duh! again). When was it established? It’s still in it’s “embryonic” development I guess. It’s only about 3 weeks old. It was established under a directive from the director of the International Students Office (ISO) in Gombak. At the moment, it’s not an official society yet, although insyaAllah the status of the society will be made official in the near future. Whether or not Kuantan campus will have it’s own ISO in the future still remains unknown, but in the mean time, the ISC will remain as our society for international students. The society is advised by two lecturers, Dr. Raid Salleh Ali Shatat, from the Kulliyyah of Pharmacy, and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mohammed Fauzi Abd Rani , the Head of Internal Medicine, Kulliyyah of Medicine.

We had a chat with the president of the ISC, Bro. Haris bin Akram. He is a 2nd year biomedical student from India. He was appointed president via a voting by the international students. According to him, we have approximately 50-60 international students here in Kuantan, which is quite small when compared to the number in Gombak. Even so, we should be expecting the number to slowly increase as the years pass. When asked about the activities he had planned for the rest of this semester, he told us of a cultural night which could be held towards the end of the semester insyaAllah.

The day's event, which was held at our very own KOS, included a ta’aruf session, fun-filled activities, and concluded with a dinner catered by our own resident “chef wan” (2 thumbs up to the food by the way).

As a final word, Bro. Haris expressed his hopes on how all students of IIUM Kuantan, local and international, can create a bond, a brotherhood, which will last for generations. I encourage all Malaysian students, not to avoid the internationals, but rather get closer to them. Treat them like family. Make them feel at home. Make them enjoy their stay here in Malaysia. Indeed in Islam, there is only one brotherhood, which shows no discrimination towards skin colour, race, or nationality. As Allah mentioned in the Holy Quran, in verse 92 of surah Al-Anbiya, “Verily, this brotherhood of your’s is a single brotherhood, and I am your Lord and Cherisher: therefore serve Me (and no other).”

We don’t need to do much to be able to help out the internationals here in Kuantan. Bro. Haris had this to say to the students, “We’d love to learn BM!!” The internationals have been encountering some difficulties when it comes to communication. So make it an effort to teach them some basic BM, help translate for them, or learn to communicate better with them. Language, is the most important factor in communication (a final duh!)

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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Erudition First Edition

This is our first edition of Sciencess's Bulletin named Erudition.

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Page 1

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Page 2

You may download the softcopy (in JPG format) here by clicking the link provided below.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Kiosk Of Our Own


Yeah !! Finally we have our own kiosk !! Located above the Megaplan Cafe (KOS cafe), the kiosk started operating officially on the 3rd of January 2007. The operating hours of the kiosk are :
Monday to Friday : 9 am – 5 pm
Saturday : 9 am – 1 pm

The KOS kiosk is under the same management as most of the kiosks in IIUM with the main management in Gombak campus. All kiosks in IIUM Indera Mahkota campus are under the management of Mdm. Roswati Bt. Nawi. The smoothness of this kiosk’s operation depends on 3 hardworking ladies who are Kak Fatima, Kak Ana and Kak Mona. Currently, there are a few services offered by the kiosk ; photocopying , laminating and binding. As the kiosk’s main objective is to provide students with convenience, stationary, reference books, snacks ( chocolates , sweets , etc) , cold drinks and hygienic products are available. Moreover, IIUM merchandise (such as clocks and key-chains) are also available for those who looking forward to give them as present to a special someone or just keep it as souvenir.

Is that all ?? Of course not ! There’s more to come. When being asked about the future plans, the friendly staff told me that there will be fax and printing services. However, this depends on the demand from the students or lecturers. Furthermore, newspapers, magazines and more IIUM merchandise (such as t-shirts), are also in the “to be added” list of the kiosk. However, the staff of the kiosk are yet to find any newspaper vendor. This is where your heroics are needed. So, if any of you has the contact number of a newspaper vendor, you can give it to the kiosk staff. Well, the more interesting part is that you can bring forward your ideas to improve or change anything that is less than perfect. Who knows, your ideas can contribute to the convenience of others. You can just drop your suggestions in the box that is yet to be provided (haha). Now that you know a little bit about the kiosk, what are you waiting for?? Come on, let’s go to the kiosk !!

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IIUM Debate Team Wins Again!

UIAM juara Debat Universiti Dunia
Oleh Norliza Abdullah dan Khairina Yasin

KUALA LUMPUR: Universiti Islam Antarabangsa Malaysia (UIAM) sekali lagi mengharumkan nama negara apabila menjuarai Kejohanan Debat Universiti Dunia bagi kategori Inggeris Sebagai Bahasa Kedua (ESL) di Vancouver, Kanada. read more...

I haven't found this news in English. I'm still searching.

On behalf of Sciencess and Kulliyyah of Science, we would like to wish Congratulations (clap clap clap...) for the win. Let's together bring our beloved IIUM to the top of world!!!

Credit: www.bharian.com.my
Report by: Szakif

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Campus Interaction Day (CID)

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On 7th January 2007, there was Campus Interaction Day successfully held in IIUM Kuantan Campus and the theme was ‘Hijrah’. They were many programs organized to attract many students to participate and to support their representatives from each society. The program started on Saturday with marathon competition. Good news for Sciencess where a student from our kulliyyah won the first place besides few others filled up the top 20 list.

The next day, as for the beginning, there was a workshop entitled ‘Hijrah Cinta’ organized by the Student Representative Council (SRC) at the Auditorium Kuliyyah of Medicine (KOM). The workshop begins at 8:30am till 1:30pm and the speakers are Ust. Pahrol Mohd Juoi from Fitrah Perkasa Sdn. Bhd and Mr. Shah Kirit from SABA Islamic Media. The speech given was all about the good manner of love from Islamic perspective and the prohibitions during coupling as a Muslim.

Besides, during daytime of CID, there were 10 stalls opened from 10.00am to 10.00pm at the parking area of KOM. The stalls sell many things including foods and beverages such as ‘nasi lemak’, burger, nuggets, soy juice etc. In the morning, they were many students visiting the stalls provided to buy their breakfast and lunch. Unluckily, around 4pm there were less students visited the stalls due to the rainy day and it was hard for those who don’t have a car to get there.

Besides, there was also exhibition held at the lobby of Kuliyyah of Medicine. The exhibition was about health, love and the good manner as a Muslim. They were several representatives joined this exhibition such from Sciencess, MSC (Medical Students Council), Heals (Allied Health Sciences Students Society) and Volunteer Team. The exhibition was more interesting because each of the information given by the posters and handouts were presented with colorful pictures and cartoons. As information, Sciencess got quite dull boards, but with the creativeness of the committees, they managed to decorate them with curtains and ribbons. Sciencess’s boards were the only with such decoration. Congratulations to Sciencess!

Next, at around 5pm, there was a quiz competition held at the Lecture Hall 2 and it was joined by all the societies including Sciencess, MSC, IPha (IIUM Pharmacy Students Society), Heals and Nursing Student Association (NSA). Three persons represented each society and the questions were about general knowledge related to what they have already learnt and known. All the participants were very intelligent and brilliant, and luckily our representatives won the 3rd place in this competition. The 1st place was won by IPha and the 2nd place by MSC. Our representatives were; Ili Raihana Jumali (CTS), Saifunnasr b. Zulkifli (Biomed) and Haris b. Akram (Biomed). There was no rep from Biotech students because the person that supposed to take part resigned due to health problem.

After the Maghrib prayer, there was a Tazkirah given by Hj. Muhd Fitri Abdullah; Chairman of PERKIM at the Musolla of Kuliyyah of Medicine. At around 9 pm, the closing ceremony of this program was held at the Auditorium Kuliyyah of Medicine. Before that, there was also performance competition organized to entertain all the audience present that night. All the societies represented a group each to perform any type of performance. Sciencess’s team which consisted of six members presented a short drama on ungrateful son. Luckily we won the 2nd place at that night. The 1st place went to MSC and the 3rd place won by Heals. All the winners for marathon, quiz and performance competitions got their prize before the Campus Interaction Day officially closed at around 11:30pm.

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Report by: Zikri
Edited by: Szakif
Pictures by: Zikri and Szakif

Friday, January 5, 2007

News From Gombak - SRC


I sent of friend of mine to Gombak campus last Friday since he intended to depart from Puduraya to Kedah the next day for celebrating Eid Adha with family. Well, since I’ve left the beloved campus about a month ago, I (and three other friends to be exact) spent some time there and I dropped by Farouk CafĂ© to revive the taste of Ibu’s bihun soup. Yummy!

But that’s not exactly my point. Actually, I found this note pasted on the boards of about all around the mahallah. If there’s board, there’s also this note. It’s about the Student Representative Council (SRC) of IIUM in Gombak Campus. For your information, up to now, the board of the SRC has not yet been announced (or endorsed to be formal) thus they cannot commence any program under the university-level council. There’s news telling that the board proposed by the elected members was not approved by the Rector. Why?

Back to the pasted note; here it is.





Submitted by
‘IIUM Student Front’

Submitted to
Prof. Dato’ Dr. Syed Arabi Idid
Deputy Rector (Student Affairs & Alumni),
Dean of Kulliyyahs,
International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM)
Submitted on
22 December 2006

We, IIUM student front, are very much concerned with students’ well-being and democracy practice on the campus, are regretful to witness transgression of values subsequent to the SRC General Election on 21 September 2006.

The University is given the mandate to ensure the existence of democratic and autonomous student councils. Pursuant thereto, it is the underlying reason for the annual practice of SRC General Election and the need of recognition for, such supreme student body to determine its policies and activities.

The recent General Election proves that democracy is well practiced in this campus, whereby students have the freedom to choose their leader and been chosen. However, it is a distressing fact that until today, the SRC cabinet line up has not yet been endorsed by the University administrative authority. It is relatively disturbing when there is no single notification by the authority in addressing students regarding the issue.

It is with students’ collective voice that we speak and address this issue. We hereby urge the IIUM administrative authority to immediately endorse the SRC cabinet line up so as to enable them to execute the given mandate from students. We believe that there shall be no unreasonable requirements imposed on the SRC seeking recognition, to the extent that the SRC office bearers faced with difficulties in executing their duties due to delay of the endorsement.


SRC General Election enhances democratic process on the campus. Membership and active participation in the student organization which promote and protect students’ right and welfare contribute to national development shall be guaranteed by the highly regarded University authority.

For this reason, the conduct of SRC General Election shall not be interfered or influenced by any unpalatable label upon the candidates, for being pro government or pro opposition as this will lead to unhealthy intellectual environment in this beloved Garden of Knowledge and Virtue.

Therefore, students who won in the General Election have the right to determine their position in the SRC cabinet line up by mutual agreement and syura process. Towards this end, educational institution shall inculcate respect on the decision made by SRC syura, encourage democracy values and professional ethics.

We believe that SRC being the most representative of the student and the highest expression of student power on the campus shall have the right to participate in protection and promoting students’ well-being, academic, harmonization, integration, Islamization and internationalization in this University.

With their democratic rights guaranteed, students can serve as a potent and cogent force in the world’s transformation as a better living place for our future generation.


We hereby state the brief report according to its chronological order:

21 September 2006
IIUM SRC General Election was conducted and the result was announced on the night of the same day at the Experimental Hall, IIUM.

30 September 2006 to 1 October 2006
The first SRC meeting was held at Vistana Hotel, Kuantan. It has come to our knowledge from the SRC representative that list of the SRC cabinet had been decided by way of syura and delivered to the University administrative authority for endorsement.

6 October 2006
SRC had applied to issue notice upon the haze problem in IIUM. Despite the fact that the notice had been endorsed by the University authority, it is a distressing fact to know that no single budget has been released in providing IIUM community with face mask. For this reason, the SRC Exco members themselves had to use their own pocket money to cover the cost of the mask. On the same date, an application letter to use the SRC General Office had been sent to the administrative authority.

8 October 2006
The Exco member of SRC had entered their General Office and made some clearance on the same day. However, two days later, the administrative officer prevented the Exco members from entering the office and took back the given keys.

12 October 2006
The Rector’s Special Assistant had released a letter which informed that the list of SRC cabinet which been submitted earlier need to be scrutinized by the Rector himself, thus need more time for endorsement.

30 October 2006
An Eid ul Fitri Feast with Rector was organized at Banquet Hall of Admin Building. The SRC again forward the application for endorsement of the cabinet. However, no exact definite answer was given by the administrative authority.

27 November 2006
The SRC had not been given the opportunity to have formal introductory meeting with the new intake students by alleging that SRC did not have authority as an SRC exco members. We believe the privacy of communication and correspondence among students shall remain inviolable.

16 – 17 November 2006
The second meeting was held at Hotel Seri Malaysia, Temerloh, to discuss again about the SRC line up cabinet.

3 December 2006
SRC faced with difficulties in assisting students from Kulliyyah of Science to move to Kuantan Campus. Consequently, few problems arose, such as transportation, human resource and etc.

14 December 2006
The Kosmo! Newspaper published a report entitled ‘Dilema MPP UIAM’ (IIUM SRC Dilemma) which explained in real situation pertaining to the issue on delay in endorsing SRC cabinet.


The following are our request upon this issue:

We urge the IIUM administrative authority to endorse the SRC line up cabinet as soon as possible so as to ensure the smooth running of the Council.
We strongly urge the administrative authority from unjustly label students with political parties. It is to be noted that students were chosen mainly based on their credibility and competency as students’ leader.
We also demand the administrative authority to clarify this matter with students by providing a detailed, fair and transparent clarification.
We strongly hope and look forward upon the administrative authority to organize an open dialogue session, discuss the issue of students’ right and freedom to participate in a democracy process.

It is our ardent hope that we have not reached the stage where justice and fairness has died in the heart of the IIUM community. There is campus unrest if students’ rights are transgressed. We hope that this serious matter would be solemnly considered by the IIUM administrative authority to ensure the principle of syura and democracy are well practiced.

We further hope that our assertions will receive your positive attention. We envision an academic community free of all these violations that trigger student mass protests. With the exercise of students’ rights protected and respected, peace and harmony will reign on the campus.

Accordingly, crucial concern on this measure is earnestly sought.

Thank you.

Submitted by
‘IIUM Student Front’

Supported by
IIUM Student



1. What is ‘IIUM Student Front’ actually and who are the people behind this name?
2. If the administrative authority can give budget and support financially for the meetings outside campus (both meetings were held in Pahang), why can’t they give budget to provide masks during haze?
3. Is it true that the candidates who were not successfully elected during General Election were allegedly sent by the University to represent it in a program involving all other representatives from other universities?
4. Does this affect SRC in Kuantan Campus?
5. Who are the people behind this http://momentumuiam.blogspot.com weblog site?

This entry isn’t meant to offend anybody. SCIENCESS strongly stresses that we don’t tend to any party involved. It’s only the fact that we are IIUM students and we should know what is going on in the university, both Gombak and Kuantan campuses.

Report by: Szakif

Thursday, January 4, 2007

GASS - The Report

On the 27th of December 2006, in the auditorium of KOS, Sciencess organised an event to welcome the new November intake students to the Kulliyyah of Science, to Kuantan Campus, and to Sciencess. This event was known as the Gathering of Science Students (GASS). The event kicked-off with the arrival of our honourable Dean of KOS, Prof. Dr. Ridzuan Hashim, Asst. Director of student Affairs, Bro. Abdul Malek Hadi, and the Deputy Dean of Postgraduate, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Othman. After the VIP's arrival, we were graced with the beautiful Quranic recitation by Bro M. Safwan Helmi.

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Bro Safwan with his very nice recitation.

At about a quarter to 9, the event proceeded with a speech from our very own President of Sciencess, Bro. Ahmad Lutfi Lukman. In his speech, he welcomed all new students to Kuantan Campus, and to the KOS. He also encouraged all students to remain patient while adapting to the new environment, and also since our KOS is still establishing itself here in Kuantan Campus.

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Bro Lutfi delivering speech. Like singing contest la...

After our president’s speech, our dean, Prof. Dr. Ridzuan Hashim continued proceedings with a very informative and well presented speech. He shared with us his previous experiences as an educator, in order for us to understand how difficult it was for him to have to change offices every few years. By the end of his speech, his message was clear. If he could succeed in his career after moving so frequently, surely we as students, we can overcome this change in culture, from Gombak to Kuantan or from PJ to Kuantan. Also, like our President, Prof. Ridzuan requested that we remain patient while the Kulliyah itself adapts to Kuantan campus. In due time InsyaAllah, our Kulliyah will improve, and be completed, and we will be able to study more comfortably and conveniently.

The night continued with a Multimedia Presentation. Unfortunately, due to some technical difficulties, we were without audio for most of the presentation. And the LCD projector too was a little troublesome, not projecting the colours correctly. It was quite disappointing for many of the students, but InsyaAllah the same won’t happen again.

At 9.15pm we were given a brief intro to the Science Students’ Society by Sis Nabihah, the Vice President of Sciencess. She introduced the new students to the basic framework of Sciencess, explaining the hierarchy and introduced us to the main board of Sciencess, along with all the bureaus within Sciencess.

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To close the main event, a lucky draw was held. And on the night, the sisters proved to be the luckiest. All 6 draws were won by the sisters. Was it all fixed? You decide ;-)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
During lucky draw. Why all girls? Boys weren't lucky that night maybe.. :)

The event might have closed there, but the students were then divided into their respective courses, Biomedical Sciences, Biotechnology and CTS, and were led by their seniors to a “heart-2-heart” session if you like. The seniors shared their experiences with the juniors, giving advice on how to cope with the workload, where to find resources, which books to buy, and also how our lecturers like to conduct lectures and give quizzes or exams. They did well to prepare us for the years to come.

Here are what a few students had to say about GASS.

Nur Aizura, 1st year Biomedical Sc. student :

GASS was quite helpful. We managed to get to know some of the seniors who gave us lots of useful info and advice. We had a great time, but was a little disappointed about the com (multimedia presentation and LCD projector) and transport back to mahallah, which was none. All in all it was ok.

Don Luqmanul Hakim, 1st year Biotech student :

The event was a good introduction to the KOS and Sciencess. However, it could have been better in terms of preparation. Some parts of GASS wasn’t planned or prepared properly. Even so, the food was good.

Afifah, 1st year CTS student said:

The programme went well I suppose. The committe members have done their best in making the programme a success. They were very friendly toward us and made us feel like we belong here and very welcomed.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
The seniors.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
The seniors II.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
The VIPs.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
During waiting the VIPs. SMS time! :D
Report by: Jazli
Edited by: Szakif
Pictures by: Don